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  1. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hello everyone, my dog is only half shepherd (as you will notice in the pictures). But I'm just looking for some insight as her personality and energy seem to be all shepherd. When we rescued her 2.5 years ago we didn't know what the dad was but now know he was a shepherd of some kind (we just...
  2. General Information
    Hello, I am just wondering if it looks like my pup could be long haired or not. She'll be 4months in 11 days. I have included a few of her younger as well. Asking because mom has regular coat, dads was longer than mom's but not long long (hope that makes sense) and one of the grandparents are a...
  3. General Information
    I am bringing home this pup in October. She was the only one out of a litter of 12 born all black. This pic is at 2 weeks. Any idea which color she may be? The I attached a photo of the dad. The mom is a very light black and tan
  4. General Puppy Stuff
    Hello everyone. Loki was added to our family around two months ago. We believe he’s around 5-6 months old. He has lost most of his puppy teeth and his puppy fluff is gone for the most part. I am wondering what type of coat he will have once he’s grown, and I figured this is the best place to...
  5. General Puppy Stuff
    My lovely girl Barris is 4 months old. She's primarily black, but she has quite a bit of white spots. Her chest is white, she has a white beard, a spot on her snout and white toes with a white trail up the back of her legs. Her dad was a registered black and tan, short coat, and her mom was a...
  6. General Puppy Stuff
    So here’s Kousa, my first GSD!! I was wondering if anyone could help guess what her adult coat would be! She’s currently 16 weeks and pretty small for her age at 20lbs but she’s been to the vet and he said that she’s looking good for her frame and that he’s not concerned with her size, she...
  7. General Puppy Stuff
    Hey y’all I thought it’d be fun to guess what this pup will look like. We’re getting the one closest to mom. We’ve been told their pure gsd but I’m alittle unsure, it’s okay if it’s not as long as its big enough to handle our other gsd. I’ve never seen them look like this before. What do you...
  8. General Puppy Stuff
    My 6mo Black and Tan Kaiser has a saddle the seems to be fading very quickly — 10 days ago there wasn’t any tan in his over coat now he’s grown huge red/tan Is this normal? Will his saddle return or do you think he’ll be faded? He is on BB LBP food and has been for about a month. Before than I...
  9. General Puppy Stuff
    My friend is trying to figure out if her puppy is Black and Tan or Bi-Color coat? Please no rude comments
  10. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Is he considered Black and Tan or bi color ?
1-10 of 10 Results