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  1. Diet & Nutrition
    I have a five month old gsd pup I got at 8 weeks of age. She unfortunately had coccidia which has caused enormous struggles With diarrhea. Along with the coccidia, she had a great deal of body itching and itchy ears. It got better after getting the coccidia under control but still continued to...
  2. Feeding Our Puppy
    Hey there, I am looking for Kibble brands that are just not good for German Shepherds / not good companies at all. I am currently feeding my GSD the Fromm kibble, and while it has been great, I believe Bear is starting to develop a chicken allergy. After an at home allergy test (obviously not...
  3. B.A.R.F./Raw Feeding
    Hello My now 10 month has been on raw a diet since 5 months - weighing 45 lbs at the start of the diet change and 71 lbs today, we're still on the lean side and trying to get weight up slightly. We started slowly with chicken backs, then adding slowly adding chicken liver, eggs, and occasional...
1-3 of 3 Results