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  1. What puppy bone type to get?

    General Puppy Stuff
    I have an 8 and half week old gsd who is awesome. No troublesome behaviors yet. I would like her to continue with good behavior by providing some safe and fun chew toys. That being said I keep seeing conflicting things to get her... Mini rawhides, bully sticks, those rubber nyla bones, etc...
  2. Is my puppy aggressive?? I'm not sure

    Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
    My puppy is 9 weeks, and I got him when he was 7 weeks. So he's still super young. He is also my very first dog that I'm training. When I tell him no, he seems to understand and stop what he's doing that's naughty. But other times he sasses me, as in he'll bark at me. He does that when he's...