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  1. Choosing A Breeder
    Glad to have found this forum! I have been thinking about getting a GSD puppy for a while now and I think now is finally the time. I might be getting it early next year. I am thinking of a showline GSD male puppy somewhere around Toronto/GTA area. Mostly for a house dog and companion. I can do...
  2. Choosing A Breeder
    Hello, I am currently in the beginning stages of locating my next puppy. I am based in America, but put Canada in the title as the breeder I'm researching is located there. Does anyone have any recent reviews from dogs out of the Dei Precision Line out of Ontario. I know someone who had a dog...
  3. Choosing A Breeder
    Hi everyone, I have inquired and started some discussions about working dogs, breeders and sport dogs a year ago here and one year later, still no puppy. This covid situation has made it difficult to visit breeders and finding the best moment to pull the trigger but here I am once again trying...
  4. Equipment (how to use/where to find)
    Hey guys, I've been looking into a kennel that can be used in the back of my 2016 4Runner. I was looking at the Ruffland kennels but would like to see if there is anyone who knows of a canadian version? The exchange rate isn't the greatest right now.
1-4 of 4 Results