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  1. Can you tell me about these breeders? Anyone have experience with them?

    Choosing A Breeder
    I would like your opinions on these breeders. What I’m looking: a companion/pet for an active family. Not looking to breed or show. Male sable. No specific line I’m open to any. Will be going out on walks, working out, etc. I’m looking for a medium drive dog. I don’t have a specific time frame...
  2. Which breeder is better?

    Choosing A Breeder
    First is Wendelin farm I will post the dam and sire pedigrees: And then this one from Megan Aus Dem tal...
  3. Sable German Shepherd breeders

    Choosing A Breeder
    Hi, im searching for a reputable breeder that breeds sables within the United States that can ship/deliver. I’m specifically looking for a companion/loyal active family dog. A male specifically as well. Thank you.
  4. Alberta, Canada: Help in choosing a breeder!

    Choosing A Breeder
    Hello all, My girlfriend and I found a breeder 4 months ago that we really liked and got a reservation with. The litter was due this month but ended up falling through on the breeders end. She won’t be having another litter until next spring now, so we are back on the hunt for a new breeder. We...
  5. Hollow Hills, PA

    Choosing A Breeder
    Anyone have experience with this breeder? I've searched through and found a couple of posts one or two of which are referred to PM's (assuming bashing). Id love to hear some positives or negatives of the breeder
  6. Which of the following breeder is better? Need help guys!

    General Information
    Hello everyone, I plan to get my first GSD pup in this Oct. and I'm looking for a good breeder to make an early reservation. My expectation for the pup is to become a good family companion, neither for working or showing. I did as much research as possible and I contacted two breeders: 1. vom...
  7. Breeders For Working Line GSDs Near Boise, Idaho

    Choosing A Breeder
    Good morning. I am new to the forum and currently searching out prospective breeders for my next dog. I am not new to dog owning, and have trained and cared for many German shepherds, as I have owned 4 dogs and worked at an animal shelter. I would say that my last dog, a German shorthaired...
  8. Experience with Capriole Farm

    Finding the Right Puppy
    Has anyone here had recent experience with Capriole Farm out of Pennsylvania?
  9. Looking to buy a puppy in the next 6 months

    Choosing A Breeder
    Hello everyone! This is my first post on here, so I’m hoping for some information and join the community. I saw a liver Shepard and fell in love with the color. So I started to do a bit of research and browsing for some breeders. I’ve been having a hard time finding breeders that seem legit. All...