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  1. Losing my mind (ISO breeder near CO)

    Choosing A Breeder
    now that the family and I are settled into a place we plan on staying at for a good long while, the subject of a family dog has intensified. I'm trying to surprise everyone with and actual pup, or at least a waiting list spot for Christmas. We are looking for a working line gsd. Love the all...
  2. Please help me screen two breeders!

    Choosing A Breeder
    Hello all, I'm new to this forum, I am planning on getting a German Shepherd puppy next years as my psychiatric service dog prospect and I currently caught between two breeders. I was looking for a dog between $1,000 and $3,000 and both places are $2,500 which is perfect. I was also looking for...
  3. Old style working line German Shepherd breeders

    Choosing A Breeder
    Hi, I’m going to be making a list of breeders for the future. I currently have a female gsd x lab mix. When she reaches 1 1/2 years old I would like to get her a brother. I prefer the working line oldstyle German shepherds with the straighter back. I know I’ve made posts before but didn’t...
  4. GSD Breeder near California, West Coast, or a days drive

    Finding the Right Puppy
    Hi, I am looking for suggestions on a GSD breeder. I live is Southern California but don't mind driving. Trying to avoid flying the dog from out of state if possible. I prefer to meet the dog and see the facility. This is my second GSD. Had a great female I received from a GSD rescue and...
  5. breeder recommendations?

    Choosing A Breeder
    i am looking to get a german shepherd at least two years from now as a sport and service work prospect. i have a few breeders in mind already but i’m always looking for more recommendations and i’m curious to see what people on here will say! i live on the east coast of the continental united...
  6. Advice on this breeder: select shepherds

    Choosing A Breeder
    I am considering buying a puppy from this breeder and want advice about if it looks good/ if anyone has heard about it. Thanks :) Select Shepherds | Expect No Less, Accept No Less
  7. looking for info on canczech dogs

    Choosing A Breeder
    Hey just wondering if anyone has some experience with canczech dogs in BC and if i should contact them for a quality working line gsd.
  8. PNW Breeders

    Choosing A Breeder
    I am a first time GSD owner but have a female Doberman. My family and I are looking to find a GSD that would match our energy as well as needs; we would love to have a male, calm with medium energy. I go camping a lot, surfing and do a lot of activities outside, so enough to go everywhere with...
  9. Breeder Recommendation for family with young kids in northeast

    Choosing A Breeder
    The most important quality I am looking for is temperament. I am looking for a breeder that can help match my family with the right puppy. I would like a dog that can be taken anywhere very social, very trainable, good with children and other dogs. Could go for hikes with my family, runs and...
  10. Looking for a reputable breeder within a few hours of vancouver, B.C

    Choosing A Breeder
    Hey I know this is asked all the time but I’ve been looking at some different breeders but can’t seem to make up my mind I’m looking for someone that’s had some good encounters with some local breeders to help me decide I’m looking for more of a sable coat or something on the darker side to try...
  11. Alberta, Canada: Help in choosing a breeder!

    Choosing A Breeder
    Hello all, My girlfriend and I found a breeder 4 months ago that we really liked and got a reservation with. The litter was due this month but ended up falling through on the breeders end. She won’t be having another litter until next spring now, so we are back on the hunt for a new breeder. We...
  12. Huntley's German Shepherds

    Choosing A Breeder
    Does anyone know about Huntley's German Shepherds? I was researching getting a german shepherd service dog and stumbled upon Huntley's German Shepherds. They are located in the Southeast which is close enough to where I live and offer a remote owner training program for a fraction of the cost...
  13. Hollow Hills, PA

    Choosing A Breeder
    Anyone have experience with this breeder? I've searched through and found a couple of posts one or two of which are referred to PM's (assuming bashing). Id love to hear some positives or negatives of the breeder
  14. Which of the following breeder is better? Need help guys!

    General Information
    Hello everyone, I plan to get my first GSD pup in this Oct. and I'm looking for a good breeder to make an early reservation. My expectation for the pup is to become a good family companion, neither for working or showing. I did as much research as possible and I contacted two breeders: 1. vom...
  15. Breeders For Working Line GSDs Near Boise, Idaho

    Choosing A Breeder
    Good morning. I am new to the forum and currently searching out prospective breeders for my next dog. I am not new to dog owning, and have trained and cared for many German shepherds, as I have owned 4 dogs and worked at an animal shelter. I would say that my last dog, a German shorthaired...
  16. Experience with Capriole Farm

    Finding the Right Puppy
    Has anyone here had recent experience with Capriole Farm out of Pennsylvania?
  17. Reputable Slovakian Breeders

    Choosing A Breeder
    Hello, I am going through the process of moving to Slovakia and once I am settled I would like to put more effort into looking for a reputable breeder to get my dog from. Overall the dog that I get would most likely be just a family dog as I have no experience in IPO or Schutzhund. Names of...
  18. The right Breeder & Puppy Kindergarten Class

    Choosing A Breeder
    Good afternoon to all. I am new to the forum and interested in adding a GSD to our family. I’m a novice on the breed and have not owned a dog in over 15 years. Our previous pet was from the animal shelter and lived with us for 8+ years until he became ill. All members of the family have...