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  1. Feeding Our Puppy
    Hello everyone, I’m new here, I hope this is the correct form to place my question in. Our new German Shepherd puppy (Bear - 10 weeks) has tons of energy as you can imagine, we’d like to get him a lot of exercise and found this really neat idea about a food/treat dispenser machine. We’ve done...
  2. Diet & Nutrition
    Hello everyone once again. Finally I bought my puppy. It's been around a week since I have had him. So today my friend told me about bloating. As I'm new I got worried and don't know if my puppy is experiencing bloat or not. I'm attaching the pictures (after his dinner). So kindly guide me if he...
  3. Feeding Our Puppy
    So I’m new to owning German Shepard’s, should I be feeding my 3 month old puppy dry kibble or wet food? My breeder told me i should always moisten kibble because they are prone to bloat but she refuses to eat anything but dry food.
  4. Health Issues
    we are heartbroken our 7yr old GS Indie suffered from Bloat on the 15th February 2020 we rushed for emergency surgery at around midnight. They managed to operate and save her and quite surprisingly we where told to collect her a few hours later after surgery. we followed every precaution we...
1-4 of 4 Results