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black gsd

  1. Breeding - General
    Hey everyone Anyone tried to breed a full black gsd (M) with tan & black gsd (F)? I did that and can't wait to see how the cute puppies!!!
  2. Finding the Right Puppy
    Scout's the best, and she definitely would love a playmate to hang out with on our farm, so I reserved the pick of the males from a different pairing with my breeder. Our Scout and the new little guy. 19 mos Our little guy at 8 days, after eating and climbing the rail only to pass out: Out...
  3. General Puppy Stuff
    My lovely girl Barris is 4 months old. She's primarily black, but she has quite a bit of white spots. Her chest is white, she has a white beard, a spot on her snout and white toes with a white trail up the back of her legs. Her dad was a registered black and tan, short coat, and her mom was a...
  4. General Puppy Stuff
    This is Delta, our 3 month old German Shepherd. We got delta a month ago from a registered breeder and her parents mum is black & tan & her dad was white (Swiss shepherd) somehow the whole litter came out all black. But recently Delta has been changing colour and getting lighter, she has grown...
  5. Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
    It breaks my heart to have to post this...I have to rehome my all black 9 month old male GSD. I am located in Colorado. He has all of his shots up to date. He does bark at people he doesn’t know but he does not ever try to harm anyone, he is the sweetest boy. He is my baby so I want him to go to...
  6. Development & Socialization
    I have a 7 month old all black GSD, and he never barked at people or dogs until recently. I am feeling stuck on what I should do to stop this behavior. He isn’t barking aggressively, he is just very excited, but because of his size I am scared that people or other dogs will take it as aggressive...
  7. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    I want honest opinions of what you guys think 1 being poor- 10 being great, obviously I think he’s a 10 but let’s hear the world!!