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  1. 10 week old GSD crazy nipping

    General Puppy Stuff
    Hello! Some advice please! Our 10 week old GSD is settling in really well. We have 3 daughters aged 9 - 13. The last couple of days the puppy has had a wild moments where she suddenly goes becomes super excited jumping up and intentionally biting ankles / legs quite hard. We have been...
  2. 7 month old rebel is loving my room mate more than me

    General Puppy Stuff
    Yes, it's vain. Yes i'm happy as long as the pup is happy. BUT this dog is my world, she pulled me out of the darkest hole and now she is giving more love and attention to my room mate, it's almost as if I don't exist. I can't tell my room mate to ignore her either since that's inappropriate and...
  3. GSD too Submissive?

    General Behavior
    Edit: My post might be coming off wrong...I was hoping for advice to maybe build his confidence or any advice pertaining to over-submissive behavior so he isn’t so fearful/standoffish for no reason at all. I know GSD’s can be aloof and he’s definitely portraying that personality. He’s well...
  4. Question of a newly 3rd owner of a GSD

    General Behavior
    Hi Guy I recently adopted a 11 month black gsd (75% gsd, 25% labrador) and I'm his third owner now. He's fur and strong very tall and strong bones very healthy according to his veterinarian so all good news except... Around ~5% of the time when touched by people other than me (the owner) he...