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  1. Separation anxiety?

    How do I (teach my dog to)?
    Tl;dr- my GS misbehaves badly when left alone, and we need help training him to stay home safely. Hi, I'm looking for tips to help my wife's large one year old adopted GS behave better when left at home. He's broken out of a wire kennel and plastic kennel, just by brute forcing his way, even...
  2. 11 Month old pup barking at guests and strangers. HELP!

    How do I (teach my dog to)?
    I have an 11 month old female who is WONDERFUL. She is extremely calm, and very loving to her favourite humans. However, I am a single male in my 30s and dating and entertaining guests is a part of my life. She gets a 5 km (3.1 mi) run with me in the morning, every other day she gets to go...
  3. My GSD & (2legged) Foster Care

    General Information
    So we have Charlie, our baby, a 2 year old male GSD, and we may or may not be starting a foster care journey soon this month. Our worry is he will not accept baby boy(3months)** in to his space / life. We've had Charlie since he was 8 weeks old. He is loving, protective/possessive, & playful...
  4. Training a neglected german shepherd(now overprotective)

    General Behavior
    Hello, I am new at this forum and I would like some advice over my adopted German Shepherd. I adopted my german shepherd from someone out of Craiglist, he was 8 months old at that time and completely neglected. At first, I was afraid that he would not get along with my other two dogs (a staffy...
  5. i want a GSD!!

    General Information
    hi guys, I’m new to this site. I was thinking about getting a GSD, but I already have 2 small female dogs. is it a good idea to get an almost newborn female GSD, or should I get a male?
  6. Neutering at 1 year

    Basic Care
    My boy is almost one and I have now considered neutering him. As always, he is a very hyper and active dog. Lately he has been humping us and other things, and still tries to show his dominance towards us(when in the end he knows who’s boss) What is your thoughts and experiences on neutering a...
  7. Sudden Change in Overall Behavior

    Health Issues
    Hey all! I'm new to this website. I'm posting my concern here since I'm not sure if its behavior or there's some underlying issue no one can seem to find with my dog. My fiance and I have had our german shepherd for four years. We got him when he was 2 years old and was badly abused by his old...
  8. Behavior problems

    Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
    My nearly 2 year old GSD wont stop barking at the crows. As a result, he starts barking as soon as sun rises and until sun goes down. He loathes crows but no other birds. How can i make him stop barking at them because this way everyone gets disturbed when he barks non stop
  9. Socializing Puppy with Cats

    Training Our Puppy (basic)
    Hi All, I've been a longtime lurker, but this is my first post. Can anyone provide me tips/experiences/anecdotes relating to training GSD puppies to accept cats as part of the pack (or at least mitigate the risk of harm)? Some Background: We recently added a 10-week old puppy to our home (11...