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  1. Health Issues
    My 5yo long coat shepherd was just diagnosed with elbow dysplasia (UAP) and severe arthritis In Her left front leg. Her treatment will be compounded by her major allergies, which include pork and beef. What can I give her to help? Is there something holistic like hemp that can help? I hate the...
  2. General Information
    I'm looking for recommendations for a new car that's big enough for a GSD, but will also be easy for my girl to get in and out of. She isn't old, per se - she just turned 6 - but she tore both of her ACLs in the last year and had TPLO surgeries on both (plus a third surgery in October to remove...
  3. Preparing to Say Good Bye
    Hi, New here but looking for some advice from other GSD owners about what to do... Our 13-year-old boy has anal furunculosis - Vet diagnosed around 4 months ago during lockdown, but we're not able to treat this with drugs owing to his age and our current financial position. He manages to eat...
1-3 of 3 Results