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  1. I’m new with this site and with owning a GSD! ADVICE PLEASE!

    General Puppy Stuff
    Good afternoon! I am new to owning a GSD. I just bought a GSD and she cost me $1900. The vet I took her to said she’s extremely roach backed and will have problems down the line for sure. She’s only 10 weeks old! PLEASE HELP ME!!! Any tips, advice, or thoughts? Please take a look at her and tell...
  2. Advice on this breeder: select shepherds

    Choosing A Breeder
    I am considering buying a puppy from this breeder and want advice about if it looks good/ if anyone has heard about it. Thanks :) Select Shepherds | Expect No Less, Accept No Less
  3. Renting with a GSD

    General Information
    Hi guys. Just joined the group. I’m looking for ideas on how to approach renting with a German Shepherd. I’m looking into getting a puppy and I’m getting ready to approach my current landlord. For some background, my apartment has size and breed restrictions, but there are plenty of big dogs in...
  4. Looking to be a first time GSD owner... NEED HELP

    Finding the Right Puppy
    Hello Everyone, I am very new to this German Shepherd community and everything that goes into GSD breeding. There is a lot of language that various breeders use that I don't fully understand like "KKL bred in Germany to Lando von den Klosterspatzen Sch3" and "IPO3". It would be great if someone...
  5. Huntley's German Shepherds

    Choosing A Breeder
    Does anyone know about Huntley's German Shepherds? I was researching getting a german shepherd service dog and stumbled upon Huntley's German Shepherds. They are located in the Southeast which is close enough to where I live and offer a remote owner training program for a fraction of the cost...