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  1. Muenster is having a sale!

    Diet & Nutrition
    Good morning all. I have a 6 month old bitch that I got from Weberhaus and so have Muenster’s ancient grain (not the pork and chicken as it has pea fiber) in our rotation due to the ideal Ca/P levels/ratio of this line. I got an email from Muenster stating that they are having a 40% off Easter...
  2. When to switch to adult food?

    Diet & Nutrition
    I have a 9 month old female she will be 10 months on the first. She is currently on Instinct raw puppy food. But I’ve noticed she has been getting loose stool. So I want to switch her to something more sensitive stomach (suggested by my vet). I’m so far trying a small bag of science diet and...
  3. Black Hawk - Voluntary Recall of 9 Batches for Product Manufactured Between August and November 2019

    Food/treat recalls
    The quality of our products and the health of pets is paramount. As part of our ongoing quality control processes, we have discovered an issue with specific batches of Black Hawk that were manufactured last year, resulting in mould developing in some products. To date we have had no reports of...
  4. Best dry food

    Diet & Nutrition
    Hi all, I have a 2 year old German shepherd, he's a stock coat, stands quite tall & weighs about 43kg (healthy for his height). I'm having trouble with deciding what food to keep him on. Since he was a puppy he's been on Black Hawk Large breed puppy, at about 18 months we moved him to Black...
  5. Almost 7 months old should I switch to Adult Food?

    Feeding Our Puppy
    I made a post before about how my gsd puppy was underweight ( he still is but is catching up I think), but for this post I was wondering when should I switch to adult food? Especially since he is on the smaller side should I continue to feed puppy food? I feed him currently orijen large breed...