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  1. Training Our Puppy (basic)
    Hi everyone! Like the title says, due to covid, and now reactivity, I can’t bring my 6 mo puppy to any obedience classes and I need help figuring out how to train him. I was never able to get him in to puppy class in person, only zoom due to lockdowns in my region. He is currently having pretty...
  2. Puppy Behavior
    Hi everyone, I have been reading the threads here for a couple months and found a lot of useful information. We have a 7 month old female German shepherd. We got her at 8 weeks old from a reputable breeder in our area. This is our first GSD. From a young age she would jump and bite when wanting...
  3. General Information
    So, when my dog turned about 11 months, he went through what I consider a rebellious stage. He would knowingly flaunt his disobedience to commands that he knew and understood, and which, just a week prior, he had been obeying. Now, at 14 months, the rebellion seems over? Yesterday, he was...
1-3 of 3 Results