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  1. How do I (teach my dog to)?
    How do I stop my 6-month-old from Biting/Tearing/Chewing through the leash when we go out on walks? Whenever I take him out on walks, he just constantly jumps and yanks at the leash, biting it and chewing through it. He basically destroys the leashes as soon as I'm looking away. How do I stop...
  2. Feeding Our Puppy
    Hello! I've been feeding my dog, Loki, home-cooked food for a while now but now that he's hit the 6-month mark, I'm not sure if he's getting enough chicken/protein in a day. I feed him three times a day and the meal typically consists of 150 gms of rice, 150 gms of boiled chicken along with some...
  3. General Information
    Hi, so this is my first time raising a gsd and I don't have any idea what should be his physical stats at this age . I take him out and people say he looks thin and my mum also thinks the same, His weight is around 26 KG and height around 60CM ( I have my shoes for reference ) Please if anyone...
1-3 of 3 Results