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15 months old GSD male Maximus AKC Certified with great pedigree for stud
Does she look like she’s a long coat puppy?
Booker is an oddly large GSD. (Posed next to our "well fed" Siberian Husky)
Hello. I am happy to be a member of this association
big boy is on the mend after his incident with a train
Thinking of breeding my female to a medium hair gsd. What would the puppies look like? I have feeling of more of the mom but idk? Also thinking of either breeding her to an all black gsd what would that look like, which do you guys think is better?
My puppy developed a scar at back of mouth on right side similar scar is showing up at left side is it a cause of worry
German Shepherd cattle dog
My beautiful Luke
I am looking for German Shepherd girl puppy
My puppies ears are up at 7 weeks so I don't understand what your vet was saying. Just because the ears are up early doesn't mean she is not purebred
A beautiful dog
He’s one of a kind
Reya at 10 weeks old.
This Cynder, she is 6 months old.
This is my Hades, he is German Shepherd with a little Siberian husky in him from his mother, Clarice, who is 70 / 30 gsd / husky. Hannibal, his father, is German Shepherd.
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Two pictures of bruce at the park He loves playing in puddles and digging holes
German Shepard puppy 5 months old
The new pups, set out to get one, and
We sadly lost her to Addisons Disease (she went from bad to great to terrible very fast. Her body couldn't handle the shock of the disease and ultimately it took her.)