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  1. Hip dysplacia

    Health Issues
    Yea he doesnt do it all the times that I've noticed just sometimes. Guess he might be still learning to climb stairs. Just worried my baby would be in pain.
  2. Hip dysplacia

    Health Issues
    Hi, I'm worried about my gsd. I was readying that if they buddy hopped up the stairs that they had this condition. He is 5 months old and otherwise healthy dog. He doesnt seem to complain or whine about it. I have posted a short video in hopes that it helps.
  3. Mixing Raw with Kibble

    General Information
    So our gsd is approaching 5 months, when we first got him he was on strictly raw diet. We have our mother in law living with us she finished chemo recently and we just switched to him to kibble. My question is since he is on a kibble diet would we be able to say on a weekend toss him some raw...
1-3 of 3 Results