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  1. Is my Puppy a Full bred German Shepherd

    General Puppy Stuff
    Looks full blooded to me. Cute ears!:)
  2. Seizures in GSDs

    Health Issues
    Well, Ranger had his first seizure about three and a half weeks ago (he's three years old). Scared the mess out of us! I work nights and my wife called me at 2am in a panic. Ranger had a grand mal (sp?). I rushed home and began studying the info available here on the forum. The most hopeful I...
  3. Wilmington North Carolina

    Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
    Thank you very much for your responses. My wife and I have decided Ranger stays even if we're living out of our cars to do it. They truly are "fur babies" and giving him up is just too much at this point. If you are praying folks, please do so for us. We are praying for guidance and wisdom...
  4. Wilmington North Carolina

    Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
    Unfortunately, my church family is small and mostly elderly (Ranger needs daily exercise). My community I really don't have much trust in. There are too many dogs left tied out in yards or dropped off at Animal Control when they're no longer convenient. That's why I'm reaching out here on the...
  5. Wilmington North Carolina

    Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
    Facing bankruptcy and foreclosure and few of the local rentals will allow GSD's (those that do limit size to under 70lbs). HELP! If you have a viable solution please send me a PM....our finances and work situations require us to stay close to the area we now live in. PLEASE be understanding-we...
  6. The Running List of Things My Dogs Have Consumed

    Lets see.....Cell phone, poop (of course!), handkerchiefs, bits of tennis ball, cell phone charger, shoes (not mine-my wife's), licked clean pans waiting to be washed when our backs were turned. I'm sure there's something else but I can't think of anymore right now.
  7. Getting frustrated (job hunt)

    Chat Room
    My wife was laid off January 2012 and didn't get re-employed till January2013. Untold numbers of applications, job searches, internet job searches later she finally got a job through reference from a former co-worker. My recommendation is "network"! A friend or friend of a friend can open...
  8. 15 week old GSD house accidents:

    Training Our Puppy (basic)
    It took Ranger 6 months. SIX MONTHS! I couldn't believe it! I have never had a dog take that long (first GSD). Apparently not unusual.
  9. What purpose does your dog serve?

    Archive 11: Weekly Discussion Topics
    Expressor of unconditional love, four legged comedian, exercise enforcer!
  10. Duke and Stormy Will Now Shake Your Hands.

    Introductions & Welcome Mat
    :DAwe! Aren't they dolls! Welcome!
  11. Don't want to give up my puppy

    Development & Socialization
    Ranger has never had a fenced yard and stays in the house with us. He's fine! It kind of bothers me that the major GSD rescues in my area "require" a fenced in yard. Although I'm sure it's a good thing to have, not everyone can have a fenced yard for various reasons.
  12. What's the worst thing your puppy has ever done?

    Puppy Behavior
    :rolleyes:Ranger has eaten: Shoes, Reading Glasses, Handkerchiefs (ya outa see them get, um, released from the other end lol), a cell phone, chewed through the computer power cable and cell phone charger(s). We had a dalmation that ate a pen and then pooped it out-whole! I'll never figure out...
  13. Let it snow (one great pic)

    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    That is a good pic! She has beautiful coloring, too!
  14. What bloodline is your GSD

    Take a Poll
    Working or Show Line THIS!:rolleyes:
  15. Taser - has anybody here used one on a person/dog? long story

    Chat Room
    LaneyB- THAT is where you and I and anyone in that postition has to make a huge decision: What level of force is appropriate, and can I justify it? Can you run away? Has the person said/done something which makes you believe your life is in danger (as opposed to getting beat up?) Use of Force...
  16. Taser - has anybody here used one on a person/dog? long story

    Chat Room
    Well, I'm an LEO and have used my taser three times. Having said that, I carried it for seven years before I used it the first time. You must understand, we don't use a taser in place of lethal force, we use it in place of physical force. If you present a threat to my life or someone elses life...
  17. What would you prefer

    Breeding - General
    Wow! I knew this one would be a fireball when I read the tag line! I purchased a dog without papers (yup byb) out of ignorance. I met the parents and saw them running around the yard apparently healthy. After reading many threads on this forum I've seen how fortunate I was to get a good dog...
  18. Fun with collages!

    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Is Nikki polydactyl? My daughter noticed right away (of course) lol.
  19. Losing touch with the forum

    Chat Room
    Amina- I don't have a whole lot to contribute so I mostly just read and try to learn from other's experiences. I do try to be an encouragement and comment on the pics people post! I, too, miss hearing from some folks but it just seems to make it better when they re-appear.:D
1-20 of 108 Results