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  • CarrieJ ·
    Weird, since I switched towers...I've been having problems with this forum. The page doesn't fully load. *bangs head into desk* Alice went into a cluster of seizures roughly one every hour or so; some two right on top of each other Early Tuesday morning and didn't really stop until Friday. They slowed down, but it was still a trip to the vet and a prescription of liquid diazapam. Very stressful and distressing. She seems fine now, but Sat/Sun you could tell that she wasn't herself. We now keep a "loaded" syringe of liquid diazapam handy incase she clusters again. I must have gotten three hours sleep on Tuesday going into Weds.
    DJEtzel ·
    I suppose it is hard not to use age against someone when you disagree with them. And I don't really mind being called 'cute'. While it's not my cup of tea, I just don't like being treated like a child in a condescending manner is all. Thank you. :)
    MaggieRoseLee ·
    Since I do the same thing on many posts, I can't see a problem! :) I think it's nice for people to see that their threads are read and appreciated. I try to take the extra second to say something and not just be a simple 'bump' (except in some of the rescue threads).

    Has anyone complained?

    And I certainly do post and brag on other threads.. Hey you see this agility in the mud video?

    YouTube - European Open 2010 Liberec SLOW MOTION PREVIEW
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