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  • Zeeva ·
    Marion! I found your name :) You're like a breath of fresh air in your posts. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge...
    Kyleigh ·
    Part three - last one ... I wanted a dog that was versatile, and a GSD most certainly is, so I chose to ignore that information from the sports people, and I haven't had any problems. Ky knows when I say DONE, we're done, no more playing!

    And if you have a big house / back yard you'll have a blast!
    Kyleigh ·
    Part two ... my messag was too long!

    You can then start making it more difficult, and becoming quieter about it.

    After about two weeks I took off my shoes and tiptoed in sock feet to my first hard hiding spot. In the bathtub behind the shower curtain. Took Ky about 2 solid minutes of being IN the bathroom to find me. And trust me, it was REALLY hard to breathe quietly and not crack up laughing ... I could see her through the shower curtain, but she couldn't see me.

    If you have more than one person in the household, teach your dog their names ... and then have them hide and say go find so and so ...

    If you do sport training with your dog, I've been told you aren't supposed to play with them in the house (one of the reasons, I chose not to do sport training!) You are only supposed to play with them outside, and I was also told that they weren't supposed to play with other people.
    Kyleigh ·
    OH I'm sure he would! First thing is the dog has to have a reliable sit / stay and not have a panic attack when you leave the room!

    Initially I would make lots of noise when I hid (and nothing to complicated ... in another room, in sight but funny ... i.e. under the dining room table - the look on their face when they find you there is priceless ... it's a WTF are you doing THERE?)

    So, I've made lots of noise, hid in an easy spot and then called their name. BAM ... you won't believe how FAST they are going to come looking for you!

    PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE big time when they find you ... make it SUPER fun ... after all it's a game, and you want them to have fun. If they have a favourite toy, you can have that toy with them and play with them for that for a bit.
    LissG ·
    Hi! thanks for posting back to my thread about exercise did you teach your dogs hide and seek??? i think he'd LOVE that!
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