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  • Keljoe ·
    our new puppy Bella is 12 wk old and we are having one heck of a time with her teething, i've even wear black leather glove because my wrist and hands have scatches .We tell her "no" no bite some times she listen and we try too redirect with toys and treats and even go into another rm.
    Mac's Mom ·
    Hey Carrie, Something is weird with Facebook IM's. I was trying to read your messages and I saw something about Alice and seizures...whats going on? I just wanted to let you know that for whatever reason I didn't get that message until today eventhough it was before a post I just left yesterday. I didn't want you to think I would just gloss over something like that. Tell me whats been going on with Alice. Carrie
    kiya ·
    Hi Carrie, I checked out that link you just posted. I always check anything siezure related. I thought the name of the beagle sounded familar, Radar, Sandy used to be on one of the groups I belong to Canine Epilepsy Resource Center & Home of the Epil-K9 List I don't know if you ever ended up on it, very supportive. Check out our calendar!
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