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How do you feel about dogs being used in LE?

I got a chance to be part of a discussion on the fly today at work about the use of animals in dangerous situations. There seems to be 2 takes on the argument and would be curious to know how others feel

Take 1: It's a good thing. These dogs do things a human cannot do. They also help protect the officer. They are a great tool to be utilized (I am shortening this up it was a long talk)

Take 2: It's cruel. Forcing an animal to risk its life when it has no comprehension of the danger it can be in. The animal didn't choose to be there, it was trained and forced to be there by people. It's just a tool to keep an officer from having to risk himself, and to do the things the officer is unwilling to do.

As you can imagine, it was a heated debate. I chose not to express my feelings because well some battles are better left to those that want them...

So what are your thoughts?

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I respect all that are out there. I think they all should have the same rights or penalties as human LE(I think this is changing?), which means that if a person kills a K9 officer, it should be treated the same as if they were human.

As much as I do respect them I would not place a dog with the department. It might be an honor and very we'll make some proud, it would bother me to no end of they got killed in the line of duty.

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I can't stand comments like "The dogs are forced into doing it". If you have to force a dog into that type of work, then it's not the right dog. We are not talking about someones cockerdoodle. These dogs were purposely bred for this type of work. These are the types of dogs that are not going to be happy living life on your couch getting fat.
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Well I can see why people may feel uncomfortable with it, but they are working dogs and they love to have a job!

Also would those same people have a problem with them being used for sheep herding? Both jobs are dangerous and putting them in harms way... They were bred to protect and work, personally I think many working dogs are happier doing that than being locked inside all day, not to mention they get to be with their partner everywhere they go... Which we all know is our velcro dogs' dream !!
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Do you guys feel that dogs are utilized because dogs are more expendable? Or that they are stuck with the tasks an officer is unwilling to do? I've heard a lot of this as of late.

The person on the side of no dogs in LE also mentioned that just because a dog was bred for a "purpose" doesn't mean that purpose should not change. Their example are dogs that were bred for bull baiting. Since I think most people think bull baiting is a bad thing, they are no longer used for that purpose. Or that back in the day, doctors used lobotomies to help those with mental disorders. The other argument is as a society, why have we not progressed in dealing with matters that pertain to LE. A dog wanting to work does not equate to a dog putting itself in immiment danger.

On the other side, another point they made about supporting dogs in LE is that dogs are not just utilized to protect officers, but for many other tasks also. It is better to lose a dog than to lose a person.

Edit to add: I haven't really decided if I have an opinion on this topic yet. I'm on the fence and looking for insight from others

"A know it all is a person who knows everything, except how annoying he is"-Demetri Martin

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Dogs are used for way more than just doing things officers don't want to do. If that was the case they would train chimps to do paperwork.

Yes. Patrol dogs can be used because they are more expendable. Sorry it's the truth. But they are also quicker, they can catch a running bad guy way faster than a human can. They can track and hold a bad guy in the dark, where an office is at a huge disadvantage.

Not police dogs, but SAR dogs are often used in situations that are too dangerous for people. It's a hazard of the job. It's one I accept. But a search dog can cover s huge area with greater accuracy in shorter time in areas too dangerous for people.

And it's more than work for these dogs. It's need. Sure a husky can be a pet. But I dang guarantee you, they are happiest pulling a sled.

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I think they are utilized most often for their sense of smell,to find drugs and tracking.The mere presence of a dog can keep a situation from becoming violent.My hubby works with felons in a prison and has pictures of our dogs displayed in his classroom.All of the "students" have great respect for police canines and sometimes great fear.
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You can take this way further: breeding animals for meat, dogs for SAR (also puts their health /life in danger), pouched rats for land mine detection, horses in sports, fishing etc. Where is the line?
What I definitely am against is: bull fights, dog fights, **** fights etc; activities in which animals are put in danger on purpose.
Edit: the **** was done by the forum automatically as it seems to be a perverse word (I didn't mean to ; the synonym for "rooster"
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I'm a little new here to chime in on a subject that is likely to turn touchy, but my 2 cents.
Two of my uncles were police dog handlers and I farm, so not only work my dogs, but also raise livestock for meat and horses for sport, as has been mentioned.

My uncles can't smell cocaine. They can't run over 30 miles an hour and it takes them a long time to search a building.
Dogs are better at all those things.
I can't smell a raccoon from 40 feet away. Cows, goats and sheep can all run way faster than me. Pigs, especially ones I raise, are not instinctively afraid of me.
Dogs are better at all these things.

Sometimes, I ask my dog to do dangerous things. But I think that some of us, because of our work, remember that life is dangerous.
Domestication is a pretty sweet deal. Some dogs are asked to do dangerous things, but wolves have to battle for every meal they eat, that's a lot more dangerous. And it's not like they are being asked to do something dangerous so someone can get their sick, twisted jollies off it, like bull-baiting. They are doing a really important job, better than a human can, and saving lives.
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My dog is not law enforcement he is a cadaver dog I will tell you that my dog is never happier than when he's working all day long and I believe the same of LE dogs. I don't think dogs have a bucket list I don't think they have a visions of the future in the past in the same way that we do. they provide a valuable service and protect human life and do things that no machine can do with their nose. so I guess I think it's about one of the best things a dog can do
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