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Bomb sniffing dogs, narcotic sniffing dogs, search and rescue, protection dogs play a huge role in fighting crime. No one should under estimate the work of a police dog. Police dogs are not your average pet dog- they must have the stamina to work long hours there are few dogs that can make the cut. If these dogs ended up in a average pet home they would wind up at the pound because they have no outlet for all that energy and get into much trouble. Police dogs are born to do the work they are meant to do. Yes it's horrible when you hear a police dog was killed but average pet dog can get killed by a number of accidents. I think it's amazing to see these dog at work- cruel not at all. It would be cruel sticking these dogs inside a house all day doing nothing but getting a walk on the weekends. A long time ago many breeds were bred to do a specific job. Today there is not much need for sheep herding, cart pulling, retrieving birds etc. But they do have competitions and clubs that people enter with their dogs so the dogs can use their skills they were born with and keep their dogs Mentally challenged and physically occupied.
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Somewhere along the evolutionary process, competition became cooperation with a huge bag of dependency between man and dog. We both learned from it and we both took advantage of it. No other animal has a better or the same relationship with us. A modern world has turned up and raised the anti for both. How could anyone not want such a marvelous partner in LE as our 4 legged K9 friends.

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Dogs are a win-win in law enforcement. They preserve lives, both of the officers, and the criminals, as dogs are not considered deadly force -- you cannot call back a bullet. They use their scenting ability which is much better than anything we can build for the purpose. The dogs LOVE the constant interaction and training. Dogs DO NOT obsess about dying, they really do not understand it as we do, so it doesn't put them in the same category when it comes to the stress of a dangerous job.

Dogs can be injured and killed doing this work. We don't put 20k-50k into a project such as this with the idea that we are just going to get the dog killed. If a dog does get killed in the place of a human officer or civilian, than, while it is sad, it is also wonderful that by having the dog there a human life was saved.

This is a dog site and we love dogs. So my take is definitely going to have some people unhappy. But you asked what our take is on it. Dogs live up to 14 years. A human can live many times that. Dogs might play with their puppies, but they are not responsible for the support and well-being of their progeny or their parents or their siblings. Humans are.

It is sad when a k-9 doesn't come home from a shift. It is devastating when an LEO or Soldier is killed. Their children have to be raised without a mother or father, the spouse that remains goes through an awful time, the parents of the diseased, if they are still alive are forced to live through losing a child which is against how things ought to be in nature.

I do not think a criminal should be charged the same for harming or killing a k9 as they are for killing a human officer. I do not want to see people get the death penalty for killing a dog. Sorry. They are not the same as humans. Most human victims of violent crimes, including murder do not rate the death penalty for their assailants, but a dog should? No. I don't believe it.

As for having no choice, the dog has no choice in a lot of matters: what he eats, where he sleeps, who he lives with, whether he is allowed to procreate, or if he gets his nads nicked, and whether or not he is trained in anything, whether or not he sits in a crate, or is chained, or is kenneled.

The real reason animal rights organizations want to stop k9 programs is because using dogs to provide a vital function in a visible manner increases the desire of people to keep dogs as pets. It ensure the life of the institution of owning canines as pets and as helpers.
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A good dog is happier working for 1 week then spending 12 years being someone's pet.
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I don't think I would have been able to keep my cool in a debate like that. Typical that those are the arguements for people against it. They are most definitely the kind of people who have shih tzus and yorkies. For GSD's/Mal's/ Dutch Shepherd,there is no better lifestyle for them.They LOVE what they do and most people couldn't find the amount of happiness and satisfaction in there entire life as these LE/military K9's do in one night on the job. I was in the Marines and I have never seen dogs as happy, mentally and physically as k9's. Thats when I became a german shepherd enthusiast. But If anything it's more cruel to deny these dogs a job and keep them as couch potatoes then giving them law enforcement kind of work..I need to stop before my blood boils lol
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[QUOTE=selzer;6937225]Dogs are a win-win in law enforcement.

It is sad when a k-9 doesn't come home from a shift. It is devastating when an LEO or Soldier is killed.
Their children have to be raised without a mother or father, the spouse that remains goes through an awful time, the parents of the diseased, if they are still alive are forced to live through losing a child which is against how things ought to be in nature.

Thank you selzer. I was scanning through the bits and pieces of this thread and was just ready to leave when the 1st couple of lines in your post caught my eye.

Your Entire Post was great, I'm going to forward it along to some people who I know will appreciate it the way I did.
I'll just say thank you again.
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I was actively in LE for 30 years and am presently in my dept.'s Reserve Div. My agency requires nothing less than what the full-time officers do. That said, I'd rather have a K9 as a partner than ANY person
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I have no issue with it at all. I don't think dogs should be used to terrorize people, but I love seeing dogs work and help mankind.
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