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Originally Posted by Castlemaid View Post
LOL, good one!!! But up here, your dogs would pretty much be invisible for a good seven months out of 12.
I'd have to borrow those LED's from SuperG!
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Long time lurker, rare poster-

Hi all I have not read every reply in the thread, I got 5 pages in and was like -"whoa I feel this." Yeah I am an individual who holds strong opinions and I tend to voice them in ways that are not always- politically correct.

I found the site years ago and I mainly enjoy reading the forums. I look for help when I can't find a thread already discussing my area of interest or need. And I offer my experiences as a new owner and lover of my fur-bae's. I am VERY passionate about my babies and being a better alpha to my pack.

But I do feel what Jack's Dad and others mention. Many times I find a thread with a topic I want to learn more of, and it is side railed by posts that have nothing positive to add to the discussion or out-n-out belittle the OP because "they should know better" or what ever excuse you want to use to rant about that topic.

And I know that there will always be a separation in "papered" and "pet-quality" animals. It exists in the horse world, it exists in the dog world and it will continue to exist in any ownership of animals that have Associations for pedigree's and competitions.

Yes the breeders and competitors are the most knowledgeable about the breed and/or sports they participate in. But if you want to use the "breed standard" and your personal interpretation of that to justify your beliefs- then you need to remember that today's GSD is little like the founding dogs of the breed.

If you saw the Sire of the breed or numerous Bitches that were used to modify the attributes of the breed, most of you would call it the worst looking GSD you have ever seen- and not "breed" worthy.

And those of you toting that your dogs have been judged repeatedly need to pull the stuffing out of your heads, because no judge is a specialist in ONE breed. They interpret the "Breed/working Standard" in their own way and pick which ever dog they think fits their personal interpretation of that "breed/working standard".

I know that in any breeding program and every litter you will have good get and you will have lesser get. Every offspring will have its own capabilities or lack there of. And to HONESTLY say any animal is great just because it came from or is by so and so; is ridiculous.

And finally in my rant, if the Associations and Kennel clubs really want to get rid of non-papered animals then those clubs, their members and associates need to be utterly vigilant in transferring papers with the sale of their dogs. If you want to sell a dog with limited papers then you make **** sure it gets fixed. Don't price a dog X and when a buyer comes to look/purchase make the papers Y.

And for the love of all that is holy, price animals accordingly to their temperament and capabilities in the field they are bred for. If you have a "potato" sell it at that price, if you have a "show stopper" make your money there. Just because you imported your sire/bitch doesn't mean that your expenses need to be carried over on the worst puppy in your litter.

I think I rambled a little over much. Arrg.

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I've been on this forum for a little under 3 weeks, and have to say I'm amazed by the outpouring of support and advice I've been given. I have a rescue, who has a very shady background, and haven't once felt like I was treated poorly because of that. Sure, some posts/comments go right over my head due to lack of knowledge, but I haven't felt lessor of a person or owner because my GSD doesn't have a pedigree.

And it's also giving me something to look into. I find the talk about lines and bite work and IPO very interesting, even though my GSD will probably never do any of it. I happen to love the breed, and the more info I learn, the more I fall in love, and know what to look for when I get my next a few years down the line.

Just my personal experience from what I've found being here. I'm very happy I joined!!
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Wow, I guess we all can have different perceptions of the same thing, but a dog is a dog with a tail or without one, with pointy ears or floppy, with a long coat or short. We wouldn't be on this site if we did not love our breed, and there are a variety of reasons to love them, but many, probably most of the members have other breeds or mongrels that are loved as much and get the same food, the same treats, the same toys, are trained and treated like their purebred brothers, whether those dogs have papers or not.

Some may have a pet and another pet that was obtained because they wanted to persue a dog sport or had some type of job that they needed a different dog for, but I just don't get the impression that people on this site are snooty when it comes to whether a dog is purebred or not or whether the dog has papers or not, or whether the dog is the lines they prefer.

The one exception that people can err in how they perceive the people here is on the breeding sections. A pet owner hears that their dog is not breed-worthy and gets their dander up. What the pet owner does not understand is that breeders look at every dog, every dog that they produced, every dog they own, and they make that decision. And the best breeders scratch the majority of the dogs and do not use them for breeding. It does not mean these dogs are sold as scrap or put down. Some, are sold or rehomed as pets, certainly. But the dogs that a breeder holds back in hopes of being able to use them in their program are usually awesome dogs and they fall out for something, usually minor. A pet owner gets a great pet for something that is basically not a problem or even noticeable to most people.

For breeders to discount a dog from breeding due to lack of papers is a no-brainer. A breeder can be certain that an adult dog that matches the breed standard fairly well is pure-bred, but they cannot know that a dog in its recent history or dog that is back massed in it isn't either closely related to whomever they might breed the dog to, or has a dog back there that is very likely to produce one or more serious issues when bred to your bitch. Why in the world would anyone deliberately breed to a dog that has no registration papers?

The other reasons not to breed to a dog, why a dog might not be breed-worthy, over-sized dogs, white dogs, etc, well, we might love these dogs, but if we want to adhere to the standard we won't breed them. It only reduces the dogs value as a breeding prospect, not as a dog, who is beautiful and loveable, smart, worthy of attention, worthy of excellent care and concern when ailing.

I guess if members are going to take offense at the premise that some dogs aren't breedworthy for specific reasons, so much so that they are turned off of this site, it is unfortunate for them. But, there is a point when you are throwing away the baby with the bathwater. In an effort not to offend anyone, we shouldn't sacrifice the breed we all love, should we?

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