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I've grown up with the dogs! My mom and entire family has always loved dogs and we....well we have a housefull! My shepherd is our youngest and biggest yet. She's also my second dog, my first previously being a poodle but he took a liking to my great uncle so I decided to give him my 10year old baby.
Where does your love for dogs/GSDs come from?-1387151063005.jpg
Where does your love for dogs/GSDs come from?-1387151107091.jpg
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I would guess I love dogs because my parents do and I have always had a minimum of one (rarely one, usually 2+). The first dog we had (as a family) was a GSD. I really only remember the day he died but he was supposedly a great dog. After that we had a shepherd mix, a miniature poodle, another german shepherd, and the dogs we currently have. So aside from the two poodles, all of our dogs have been either pure bred GSD or part GSD. (The alaskan husky is part GSD.)

Really, I love all dogs. I haven't heard of a breed that I wouldn't have. However, I really like the way the GSD looks and they are very easy to train. I do plan on having a variety of breeds in the future, but I will likely always have a GSD or GSD mix in the house.

Ditto GSD- 6 years old
Daisy Alaskan Husky- 4 years old
Weegee Toy Poodle- 2 years old

Always loved, missed, and remembered:

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I actually only fell in love with german shepherds last year when my boyfriends brother came to live with us! His german shepherd was the most loyal dog and a sweet dog!! I fell in love, and had to have 1

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When I was growing up, I didn't even like dogs. I have Asperger's - undiagnosed at the time. I didn't understand what I saw as the dogs' constant neediness, and their desperate attempt to elicit affection and attention from people. I found it intrusive, and even pathetic. My mental/emotional/social development was lagging behind, and I did not learn to open up my feelings and form attachments until I was in my mid twenties - after owning a dog for a few years. But that came about through horses.

In my mid twenties, I took up horse-back riding. I was fascinated by the psychology of the horse, and trying to understand the mysterious reasons as to why an animal 10 times stronger than us so willingly allows us to sit on their back, and tries so hard to please. The more I read about horses, the herd instinct, the social bonds and dynamics that allows a herd to function, survive, and which allows us to form relationships with them, then the more I understood dogs and their pack instinct. Plus, I enjoyed the company of my friends' dogs when we went on trail rides.

So my first dog, William, a Spaniel/Retriever/Afghan happy-go-lucky mix, came on trail rides with us, and in his spare time unlocked my emotions and taught me about love and bonding and set the stage for what I knew to be a new love of dogs. Keeta, my second dog, was a very different challenge, and my on-going efforts for appropriate training venues for her led me to Schutzhund. What Elisabeth said above about seeing an escape bite - the very first time I saw a hold and bark - chills!

GSDs weren't even on my Radar at the time - after all, they were just dogs, right? But I was dumbfounded by these dogs at the Schutzhund club, their connection with the handlers, their biddability, their drive, their joy of life, their quasi-human intelligence, their core mental strength, their courage when faced with a treat, their calm and social manner when at home - what else can I say? It wasn't long before I knew beyond a doubt that my next dog was going to be a working line GSD.


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For as long as I can remember I always liked and wanted to be around dogs. I used to get in trouble as kid when I would go to a friend's house for a sleep-over/slumber party and spent more time interacting with their pets then with the other children.

I begged for a dog for years and years. Spent many birthday candles wishing for a dog. When my mother finally wore down we got an American Eskimo Dog. I can remember memorizing the poster of all the dog breeds in the vet's office. There was just something about the GSD and all its familial branches that really captured my interested. Later my family got involved with other northern breeds and worked with their respective rescues, but it wasn't until college that I got the chance to really live and work with GSDs.

After I moved outta the dorms I finally had the opportunity to foster GSDs. It was a game changer. My first foster was 30min away from being a foster fail when I got the call that he'd been adopted by a lovely family. It was sad to see him go, but I knew then that I would have a GSD of my own to keep someday.

Fast forward many fosters and 4 years later and Cafall came home with me. We've kinda been inseparable ever since.
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I loved cats first, when I was five. But as I grew older I realized how dogs were so mucho te loving and what they give to you.
So I wanted to adopt a pitty from the pound and the pound said I wasn't qualified. Heart broken, my mom decided to then surprise me with a tiny female german shepherd, and the rest was history.

Elios. 2 year old light liver GSD
Toast. Hedgehog
Gizmo. Blue point, kink tailed kitten .

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It's a weird story, but here goes.....

I used to be a surveyor. Ya know the guys that run around with lasers and measure things. Well I was doing a loan survey in a fairly nice neighborhood and saw a man tossing a frisbee for his German. I always was drawn towards agile and smart dogs(had Border Collies prior) so I wandered over and said hello. The dog, named King, brought the disc over, laid down and put his paw on the frisbee while I spoke to the owner. It was such a meaningful gesture on the dog's part, sorta like "well, I'll wait here and hold onto my disc while these two schmutzes yammer". I asked if I could toss the disc and with a simple word the owner ASKED King to give me the frisbee. I saw the dog size me up, I was surveyed, assessed and accepted as an appropriate frisbee tosser. I liked the thinking, I liked the fact the dog made decisions. I threw it a few times, got a few good ear rubs in and cemented in my head that GSDs would likely be a good foil for me.

What I didn't know was that with their humans GSDs are goofy wads of cuddle-ness that strive to make you laugh and quit being such serious beings. Win-win in my book.My dogs are dorks with me, dorks around my friends and suits with dark glasses with strangers, What's not love about that?
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My love for GSDs came from family dogs.Taffy(Black/Tan GSD) and Prince(silver and black) Jumper(light sable GSD) and Heinrick(light sable GSD . Taffy was a large female GSD who was beautiful but was at my families dairy farm as a deterrent to thiefs. She seemed beautiful and big.She was very mean . I used to sit across from her dog box and watch her and try to get her to like me. She would do the GSD head tilt and I would be like" see she likes me" and then she would snap at me when I tried to get closer. I really wanted Taffy to be my friend so when she had puppies we gvot Jumper. He was colored like Daisy and jumped alot hence at I named him. My family kept dogs on a chain. Prince was a black and silver GSD who was a cuddle bug extrordinaire even on the chain. He was hit when he got loose. Heinrick was a stray puppy my adoptive parents found along a railroad track. He too was light sable. When I think dog I see a GSD.I wanted a GSD and I wanted them to be true family memeber so hence the lives of our Daisy,Lucky ,Chevy and Thunder.
Did my family have beloved family pets ? Yes and no my mom's side yes ,my dad's side they always had farm dogs who slept in the barn and played w/ kids ,ran off vermin and rabbbits they had jobs of a sort or they were on chains. My Mom's side had lots of spaniels ,beagles and doxies.Most dogs lived in the house and looking at old pictures the dogs were in every shot. Adoptive family the dogs including Rex ,sable GSD lived on a chain but came in sometimes and Heinrich was not only an inside dog but he was prince.He accepted everybody ,believed that the couch was his and in general was so smart it often got him in trouble.
Thats how I came to love the GSD and the reason my dogs live the way they do..

Daisy 11/26/99-7/25/12
Miss Chevy Cruz - 1/25/2013-1/29/15
Thunder -1/25/13 -7/25/15
Lucky-GSD -Rescue -2/16/03 - 03-21-16
Charlie- GSD-Rescue - 7-4-12

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I've loved animals since I was a toddler. I used to catch snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, and turtles all the time and keep them as pets. We got our first dog when I was seven years old, Cookie(free walmart puppy, we still have her). I became very involved in her training. I taught her how to roll over, jump through hoola hoops, jump on command, and shake hands all before I turned eight years old.
I've had many favorite dog breeds, but the German Shepherd was always on the list (because I've always loved their looks). When I started to do research on the breed and know more about temperaments, I knew that this was the breed for me. I own two German Shepherds, and I love each of them to death. I will always have a German Shepherd by my side.


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Originally Posted by elisabeth_00117 View Post
My grandfather had GSD's on his farm growing up who helped with the stock and acted as companions for the family (he was a foster kid) he lived with all through his young adult life. He passed that down to my father and all of us kids... I however, got the "obsessive gene" when it came to the breed. My grandfather was a big time supporter of the breed.

We always had 1 or 2 GSD's growing up and we did foster whenever it was needed in our little town.

Our GSD's were mostly companion dogs however, my Dad did train in obedience and agility with our last family GSD; Beau (RIP). He never competed, probably due to the time needed to do it as he worked full time, had his own business and was raising 3 very active girls.

I love this breed for what they are suppose to be. A truly versatile breed who is capable of pretty much anything and everything that is asked of them.

Schutzhund - My GSD's growing up trained with a very well known importer/trainer of police K9's and after the obedience classes were completed there was always (every Sunday) a group of people (looking back now, probably a club or local K9 officers) who went onto the field to work on obedience (jumps, climbs, retrieves, etc.) and bite work. My Dad always let us watch (with permission from our trainer) if we behaved while he attended class with my dog prior. This stuck with me and still does... that first escape bite I saw... chills.... I knew I wanted to be more involved when I could.

Herding - My Gramps always talked about how the dogs would help with the stock when he was a kid. I sorta found the sport boring but that was because I never really gave it a chance or got more involved. Now I am working my youngest in the venue (with hopes of having my own livestock this summer!) and am loving it!!! Helps that she is a total natural and so talented.. lol.

Having a well trained animal is something my family values, no matter what you do with it, so I guess in that regard yes.

*See above.
This is a bad photo (it's a picture of a picture) but this was the training facility we went too every week for many years. My mother is front centre with our second GSD (a American/German cross). You can see the stadium lighting and wall in the background through the pathway in the trees... this place was paradise...
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