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I have learned quite a bit. Last night I was just telling the BF how I never thought about getting siblings to be a bad thing until I came on here (I had joked when I picked out Ruger than I could take the runt puppy also).

I learned about working line and show line, pano, more about Schutzhund (a friend had his GSD in our local working dog club before I ever got Ruger, and that was the most I'd ever heard about Sh), a larger variety of coloring, saddle and blanket back, different ear "stages" - though Ru never had the wonky ones, their sensitive stomachs, the breed standard sizes, better food options ... the list goes on and on.

I feel like a much more confident GSD parent now, even though I grew up with one, her care wasn't all on me. I also feel like I have information that can help others when they ask me about him.


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I learned that I am not allowed to use the bathroom by myself.

I learned that they shed like crazy all year long.

I learned that they are an amazing breed.

I learned that I never want to live without one ever again.


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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
I have learned that GSD owners are a breed as varied as the dogs they favor, with some basic characteristics, some common faults, many health concerns, and temperaments all across the spectrum.
^^ Yup.
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Even though this is my 4th GSD, there are things I'm doing differently because of what I've learned on this site;

1. Food & nutrition - I had no idea how poor the quality of some dog food had become over the years. No more food like Pedigree, Alpo or Purina! Now, I have places like petfoodadvisor to consult thanks to a referral from this site.

2. I learned how to read "Poop", it tells you if you are feeding correctly and if there's something going on that needs to be looked at by a vet.

3. Training - such a help! I would have made so many mistakes had I not learned the basics here about how to "flow" with the pups individual learning ability, how to get that focus and understanding necessary to have a dog actually obey every time regardless if it's in your home or out on a busy street. This pup came out of the chute stubborn and I really needed the help.

4. Health - I know now how many health problems continue to plague the breed and how fortunate I have been with mine. Every one lived to be over 13 and I pray that my new girl will have a long happy healthy life too. Also, that HD is not a rapidly progressive death sentence and what to do to protect developing joints. I took it so slow with this pup's first year on exercise that could specifically stress joints (jumping & sharp cut turns).

I also learned how much peace of mind having pet insurance brings. Vets are crazy expensive these days! Before, there was always the possibility my dog could get an injury or long term illness that I simply couldn't pay for.

5. And the most important! - It is absolutely wonderful to be able to learn and share experiences here - so many good people who encourage and support in the rough times. Without a doubt, many thousands of dogs lives have been saved here and a few people too!
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Oh goodness.. the question would be easier answered if it was "what didn't you know before joining the forum?" I was so young when I got Titan.. not that's I'm really that old.. 26 is still vibrant but I bought Titan when I was 20 and it was the first time I was living by myself. I knew I wanted a dog, but didn't know what. I contemplated a Shibi but there was this litter of awful GSD pups that for whatever reason I went to see. I had the worst idea of them and didn't even think they were good looking dogs. I only had ever seen one in my life and he barked at me every time I walked to school or walked my labs. Lol. but for God knows why... I went to see this litter. I was living in Germany after all.. Fell in love, bought a pup.. and well shoot..... I know nothing. So here I came! And I have become obsessed with researching and reading this forum. I am by no means an expert but everything I know about dogs and behavior and GSDs... truly stemmed from this site. Whether it intrigued me enough to research else where or it was all on here, it started with this site.


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I have learned that 50% of their owners are nuts and the other 50% aren't right in the head.

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Originally Posted by jax08 View Post
i have learned that 50% of their owners are nuts and the other 50% aren't right in the head.

Train the dog in front of you.
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Hmmm, wonder which 50% I fall into?


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Just pick a side, Lucia

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- Looking at nutrition levels is just as important as looking at ingredients. And finding foods with a right balance of the two takes a fair bit of research.

- You have to be careful when bringing other animals into the house, even if you have a friendly dog. Some have prey issues, other aggression issues, etc. They're not friendly labs that will become instant BFFs with other animals, big or small. (though I'm lucky that Butters has had no issues with any animals to date)

- However, not all GSDs have a crazy prey drive. In fact, some will happily toddle up to small animals and fret over them like a mother hen. It is adorable, yet slightly terrifying when you see a big, doofy GSD trying to clean a little baby chick as gently as possible. Don't worry, though - the worst that'll happen is your GSD will end up drowning the animal's in question in saliva.

- For a lazy person like me, 1-2 hours of vigorous exercise doesn't go by as quickly as you'd like. lol. But, having a GSD is a great way to get off your butt and get some exercise of your own while getting to have a great time with your dog to boot.

- Never underestimate the landsharking. Never. Even if your dog learns to be gentle, you'll still end up with bruises, bumps, and scrapes not only from their teeth, but from literally every other body part, because it's impossible to avoid some sort of injury (minor or otherwise) when you've got a GSD.

- They're not all as serious as they look. Especially as puppies. Lots of 'em are just as big and goofy as other breeds.

- I now completely understand why GSDs aren't recommend as beginner dogs, and while some places will refuse to let you adopt one if you don't have any experience with them. No matter how much research you do, how much time, money, and resources you may have, they take a great deal of dedication to raise properly. It's doable, of course, but now after actually having had a GSD pup, I can safely say that any future situations are going to be MUCH easier to handle.

- Health issues. Even if your dog is pretty healthy, chances are they might still have some minor issues, e.g. allergies, sensitive stomach, etc.

- According to my vet, runt of the litter + GSD = born to be a finicky eater? I'm not sure if GSDs are more prone to picky eater than others, but oh well. lol

- They are chew monsters. Seriously. Butters isn't rough, but she has a major oral fixation and goes through treats/chews/toys like they're made out of paper. Those big ol' adult teeth aren't just for show.

- You will never be able to pee in peace again. Or eat. Or watch TV. Or cook. Or exist. They're like overbearing parents and you're their mischievous toddler who they refuse to let out of their sight.
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