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having a dog/dogs for business is different than having a dog
for a pet/companion.

Originally Posted by DaniFani View Post

>>>>>> I don't think it has to be so extreme. I have "show" friends, "sport" friends, and friends that just have pets, some of them keep all their dogs, some of them rehome them after they are retired from show, or rehome a dog that isn't going to "make the cut" in show or sport....rehoming a retired dog or a dog that isn't cutting it isn't bad at all in my eyes...they aren't doing it with fire in their eyes, cursing the day the dog was born...they are just in a business or sport...can't/won't keep over a certain amount of dogs, and if they kept every single one they tried to show/use in sport until the day it died (we're talking a decade or more per dog)...they may not be able to get super far because they only want 2 or 3 dogs at a time...NOT a big deal to, if they are euthanizing an animal or going through dog after dog after dog...that's something completely different. But, rehoming a dog isn't horrible....and I understand it in a lot of situations. I don't think it has to be as dramatic as you are making it, nor do I think they are as flippant about it as you are making it seem....and I don't think most of the shelters are full of sport/show dogs that didn't make the cut...there is a completely different "culture" or group of people that are the cause of that.<<<<<<

Yes, there is a value for my dog. I actually agree with's pretty high, because I love him to pieces, but if I knew he was going to a good home, and someone offered to pay for my child's college to take him....I'd consider that lol....still haven't gotten that "one in a million" dog yet...but I also don't get super duper emotionally attached to my dogs...I think I just know too much about biology/animal behavior/genetics/the reason they mentally do what they do....and I know I can be easily replaced to them with someone else who feeds and cares for them.

I also have a child...and the love I have for my child is just incomparable to that for my dog...BUT, I had a dog before my child...and it made me sick to imagine life without the dog, the dog filled the place of "child" in my heart...that's why my heart completely understands people who don't have children saying their dog is like their child...I believe it is whole heartedly...

After a child, everything else (to me) was second in love to him....if that makes sense lol....I am not trying to say I don't love my dogs..but it is not...will not...ever be comparable to that of my son.

Edit: Just wanted to add...I am NOT saying people need to love or feel about their dogs the same way I do...I just think it's ridiculous to say, "I never understand how people could give away a dog if it isn't working out for them..." show, sport...etc...and judge those who do as thoughtless or wrong....most people I know who gave up a potential sport dog or show dog were pain-stackingly thorough in finding a home for it, and always checked up on how it was doing....they didn't just throw it to the pound(I've worked in lots of shelters....VERY rarely did we get show/sport dogs from owners that said they couldn't make the cut...I cannot think of a single example....I also don't think it's wrong for people to look at their pets as pieces of property that they feed/care long as no abuse (starving/beating/leaving exposed to dangerous elements etc) is happening, whatever.
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For me, there is no "price value" I can or would put on my dog. I reguard them or him as a best friend, and the value is not in money but in respect and bond (this would be love to some). My dog is my partner between him and my wife, kids and relatives. I hold any dog with me in high reguards. So to me, the only money value there is in my dog or any dog with me is the price I have given in a step to obtain them. No more no less.
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Originally Posted by doggiedad View Post
having a dog/dogs for business is different than having a dog
for a pet/companion.
Yes, but OP was talking about business dogs in her "disbelief" of people having values for dogs. **Most pet dogs only hold value to their owners and someone wanting to take the dog, let alone pay for the dog is pretty unheard of...otherwise there wouldn't be so many "pet" dogs in shelters.

Boomer, I feel the same way about a police/military situation and the dog being asked of...a fantasy of course lol...but it would be honorable
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I used to have this question until I met a lot of "sport, show, and even breeder" people. The thing you have to realize about them is that their passion is generally the showing or trialing and not the actual dog. They understand enough to know that they can get another dog and successfully do that with them. At the same time...generally those dogs go to great homes to continue doing what they do best, or in the sense of retired dogs, they go to very loving homes where people have way more time for them.

Think of it this way...most of those types of people will always have a dog they're training to do X. A show dog takes a lot of time/money. To train a Schutzhund dog takes just as much if not more. So you're going to be spending all your time and energy on that one dog...and not really have time for the other retired dog. It's not very fair for that dog is it? Those that sell younger dogs...sometimes its just smart financially. I know a breeder that got a 5 figure offer for a 2 year old dog. She already had his lines, she could probably produce another dog that's very close to that one, and at the end of the day the 5 figures would help her operation a lot more than that single male.

As far as personally...I think I would only be able to sell my dog to the local police department, and then probably make sure I get him back when he's retired.
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My dog has a purpose, if he/she cannot fulfill that purpose its not going to work out. If I just wanted a pet I would go to the local shelter. Its hard to find a good dog (or it has been for me) they have value and there is nothing wrong with that.

If the dog has given me good years of service and is to old/injured to continue to fulfill the purpose for which she was obtained thats a different story. I will honor that service and loyalty till the day she dies.

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I guess I am the nut in this bunch. I do not show or train my dogs in anything but good manners and do not exhibit them or show them anywhere. As far as value they are priceless and cannot be replaced with all the gold in the world. Each one of my pets over the last 40 years has lived a long healthy, leisurely life and has had the best food, housing and medical treatment money can buy. I have spent more than I care to admit, but each one of them was absolutely unique and irreplaceable once they settled into there new home. If I ever get to the point where I question the cost then I don't need to have a pet any longer. GSD's are by far much smarter and more creative than any other breed I have had and they present me with new opportunities to interact with them every day. So my girls are living Master Card Moments every day, they are priceless.

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What a great thing to think about. Ya, she is my dog- which means a lot more to me than the average person, as she is my life.
She is the most stressful thing i've ever had and he most expensive, but also the most real and the most life fulling thing that has happened to my life.
My life would be easier without her.. it really would.. But i cannot imagine my life without her- it feels empty, useless, and unlivable. (She has to die at some point, i'm already trying to prepare myself, its going to be SO HARD, but i hope that i will remember the moments we had, since dogs live in the moment, i hope she will have had more good than bad moments- and that i was the best i could be for her)
I was thinking about what Shade said, and that would be awfully tempting.. As i could save hundreds of dogs with that money, literally. However, i would be selfish. I really don't think i could do it!
They can however, try and pry her from my cold dead fingers- as they say. lol

Originally Posted by Shade View Post
I really think in truth it all come down to price, how much money would it take for you to consider giving up your dog to another person.

Personally, I honestly know my dogs are priceless to me, you could offer me $1,000,000 or more and I would smile but the leash would be staying in my hand

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I couldn't part with Lisl for any amount of money. I can't assign a value to our relationship nor the happiness and companionship she provides me.

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The Hooligans? PRICELESS!!!

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I bred specifically for the my pup.. I was there at his birth.. I selected him to be raised with my family..( of my kids is almost the same age as Kaiser.) I have trained him to a high level of off-leash obedience, done some protection work, tracking, and he plays a psychotic game of fetch.
I haven't gotten any exceptional offers but comparing his temperament, work ethic and training he could easily compared with dogs worth thousands of dollars. That said, .. there is no way that I could in my conscious sane mind take a monetary amount in compensation for Kaiser.
Now I have heard of some tragic cases where people had to part with their beloved family member to pay bills for the financial well-being of their family. Yes my family and their well-being comes first. but selling this guy for empty profit is not a consideration.
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