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I agree, you couldn't put a price tag on my boys. I def feel that they are family, but I feel them on an 'energetic' level and have a natural thing for feeling how they feel- which of course makes it easier for me to understand to a degree. I couldn't view them as 'family friends' per say, they've saved my life so many times, and give me love that my own relatives and family wouldn't. So maybe my weird super attached mother bear mentality isn't for everyone, buttttt I love it. It completes me

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In todays market with what she is showing+pedigree and at her age about 2.5k is fair. I would part with her for around 5k...

Perhaps one day I will have that dog that I would never sell for any money. That day has not yet come.

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does your wife, children, friends, family, you, have a value?
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I don't think it has to be so extreme. I have "show" friends, "sport" friends, and friends that just have pets, some of them keep all their dogs, some of them rehome them after they are retired from show, or rehome a dog that isn't going to "make the cut" in show or sport....rehoming a retired dog or a dog that isn't cutting it isn't bad at all in my eyes...they aren't doing it with fire in their eyes, cursing the day the dog was born...they are just in a business or sport...can't/won't keep over a certain amount of dogs, and if they kept every single one they tried to show/use in sport until the day it died (we're talking a decade or more per dog)...they may not be able to get super far because they only want 2 or 3 dogs at a time...NOT a big deal to, if they are euthanizing an animal or going through dog after dog after dog...that's something completely different. But, rehoming a dog isn't horrible....and I understand it in a lot of situations. I don't think it has to be as dramatic as you are making it, nor do I think they are as flippant about it as you are making it seem....and I don't think most of the shelters are full of sport/show dogs that didn't make the cut...there is a completely different "culture" or group of people that are the cause of that.

Yes, there is a value for my dog. I actually agree with's pretty high, because I love him to pieces, but if I knew he was going to a good home, and someone offered to pay for my child's college to take him....I'd consider that lol....still haven't gotten that "one in a million" dog yet...but I also don't get super duper emotionally attached to my dogs...I think I just know too much about biology/animal behavior/genetics/the reason they mentally do what they do....and I know I can be easily replaced to them with someone else who feeds and cares for them.

I also have a child...and the love I have for my child is just incomparable to that for my dog...BUT, I had a dog before my child...and it made me sick to imagine life without the dog, the dog filled the place of "child" in my heart...that's why my heart completely understands people who don't have children saying their dog is like their child...I believe it is whole heartedly...

After a child, everything else (to me) was second in love to him....if that makes sense lol....I am not trying to say I don't love my dogs..but it is not...will not...ever be comparable to that of my son.

Edit: Just wanted to add...I am NOT saying people need to love or feel about their dogs the same way I do...I just think it's ridiculous to say, "I never understand how people could give away a dog if it isn't working out for them..." show, sport...etc...and judge those who do as thoughtless or wrong....most people I know who gave up a potential sport dog or show dog were pain-stackingly thorough in finding a home for it, and always checked up on how it was doing....they didn't just throw it to the pound(I've worked in lots of shelters....VERY rarely did we get show/sport dogs from owners that said they couldn't make the cut...I cannot think of a single example....I also don't think it's wrong for people to look at their pets as pieces of property that they feed/care long as no abuse (starving/beating/leaving exposed to dangerous elements etc) is happening, whatever.

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As to the idea of a dollar amount being attached to the dog...why not?? Some people want an older, trained, dog....and some people can give them that while also being able to compete in competitions with the dog while it is of age/physical state to do that, or they took the dog as far as it's going to be able to go in that particular venue (ie: it just isn't "good" enough to progress further) seems to work out for both parties...why do you care so much? The reason I ask this in this tone is because you didn't simply ask "just curious, what value do you attach to your dog?" Instead you asked the question, but riddled it with judgemental statements and tones in regards to people who ---gasp---would sell a dog that they cannot compete with any longer, for whatever reason....if it's a dog that even has basic-reliable obedience on it, why not get some profit for the time/effort/money etc...that someone put into that dog. You aren't talking about nutcase, out-of-control dogs, you are talking about at the VERY least, minimally trained, obedient dogs.....and I would expect to pay something more for a dog that came trained....

And it doesn't have to be an either/or situation. I am sure most people who are the "seller" in these situations care about the dog and it's well being.....they just don't have the same perspective on a dog as you make it seem like either you keep the dog forever or you don't have a connection or care about the dog.....I just think that's a little silly.

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if someone is offering a substantial amount for a dog then it is either going to a good home or going to be put to good use. if the police department wanted 10 grand for my dog i'd sell him in a heartbeat and be proud to do it! i might even give him away. as long as i know my dog is living a good life or doing something good i'd have no problem letting them go.
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All my pets are priceless. There is no amount of money that could get me to part with them EVER. They are right up there with my human family and anyone that knows me knows and respects it.

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Originally Posted by doggiedad View Post
does your wife, children, friends, family, you, have a value?
Why? You looking to buy?

Bastian the Beast

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No amount of money in the world would I be willing to give up my guy. He's not a dollar amount or an item that can be sold. He's family and I know our time together is limited. How could someone put a price on that?

I can understand breeders/trainers having a different outlook on this. Not for a family pet though. Selling it would be pretty messed up.
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I couldn't sell any of my dogs, nor put a price tag on them they are priceless to me.

I don't have a problem with breeders selling/rehoming dogs they can't keep them all

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