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I go to the dog park fairly often; several times a week. Dog parks are as good as the people who go there. It does bother me when I see someone's dog take a dump while the owner is chit-chatting obliviously. I am one of those people who takes their small dogs to the big side. Uh-oh, ring the alarm. My little one sticks to me like glue, prefers to hang out on the table, and has no interest in playing with other dogs. Plus I know all the regulars.


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I'm pretty indifferent to the dog parks now. I don't go,but I feel that they are as good as the people and dogs who are in them.
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We don't have any where I live, it's just a small town. The stories of what has happened do scare me though so not sure what I would do.

Even at the local markets on the weekend a woman let her dog say hello to Jenna. The OH had her at the time and this bigger dog growled and lunged at her. The owner just said to her dog "I told you to be nice".
I roused on the OH cos at 12 weeks and already an issue with barking dogs she did not need that. I am very protective of her at this early stage in her life so not sure what my reaction would be if bigger dogs were to harrass her.

She does need puppies her own size to play with though, our other puppy is a maltese shizhu cross and too small to tolerate a shepherd puppies play.
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Now I know why people get upset about dog parks, and some people are adamant about not going. I live in Ottawa, and fuzzybunny and I attend the same off leash park - it's huge! Lots of trails, trees, sand pits (yes, that means mud, dirt, mess!)

I can definitely say that if our dog parks were that small I would NEVER attend them either.

I brought Kyleigh to the park as a puppy and she got to play with all the other dogs. Yes, I watched her like a hawk, but I was also watching the people and their dogs. Once she got a bit older (4 months) we started walking around the park and exploring the whole environment. It was my going to the off leash park that Ky met four of her best friends.

Now when I go there, I always meet up with one of her friends and we walk the park together. It is so funny to watch her playing with her friend and then see another "friend" that she hasn't seen in a while and just bound over to say hello.

Ky's "friends" with all types of dogs - there's a fluffy little white dog that she lets walk all over her - he jumps at her face and barks and licks, and hangs from her jowls and she just LOVES it. They wrestle, and chase and have a blast.

I've seen some serious dog fights and loads of scraps, but never seen a dog get killed. I am SUPER vigilant when I am there. My eyes are constantly scanning the environment. There are some dogs and their owners that I know are idiots, so I avoid them. When there is a scrap / fight, I always call Kyleigh to me, and she comes instantly, and sits beside me. She has no desire to get in that melee!

Ky's never been "attacked" ... she was bit by a little dog (I posted about this in a different thread), but she didn't even react (I did LOL to the little dog owner!)

I have a number of pet peeves about the dog park:

1 - don't bring a freaking toy and wonder why you lost it
2 - don't bring a freaking toy and wonder why a fight broke out over it ... 1 toy, 30 dogs - you figure it out
3 - CLEAN UP after your dog - it's disgusting
4 - to the newbies - educate yourself ... hang around longer than 20 minutes ... walk with someone who has a well behaved dog and LEARN about your dog
5 - don't freak out b/c a dog tried to hump your dog ... I agree it's not always nice, but it is not a cause for world war 3 (I witnessed one woman punch another woman in the face b/c her dane got mounted by another dane! The police had to be called to split these women up ... it was quite the evening!)
6 - dogs can form a pack mentality if all you do is stand there ... and this is how other dogs get hurt
7 - learn the real definition of the word "attack" - I am sick to death of hearing about how some owners small dog got "attacked" by a GSD / Rottie, etc. whatever ... really? I'm pretty sure your 5-10 pound dog would be dead if it was really "attacked". Chased, pounced, jumped on / at, pinned, bit sure ... anything can happen to one dog by another dog, regardless of breed. I despise the word attack (unless it really is a true attack)
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I will go fairly often, but keep a hawk eye on every thing happening. If play gets way rough between the group, or any dog has its tail tucked during play, my boy comes back to me and waits until my clear.
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Abbi loves playing with other dogs and we have only been in a few rare instances where her and another dog have had issues. Sometimes dogs just dont mix but for the most part she enjoys the company and has a good time
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There is a small dog park just a few minutes walk from my mother's house and I have taken Jerry a few times when I've been visiting her. It's about two acres total, with one side for large dogs over 30 pounds and one side for small dogs under 30. It's very nicely shaded with lots of trees, has some agility equipment like jumps and weave poles, is very clean, and outside the fence is a dog water fountain, instead of buckets of gross water sitting around.

The first few times we went, there were no other dogs there and we wouldn't have entered if there had been. We left when other dogs showed up. The last time we went, there were three females around 40-50 pounds, two adults and a puppy, one a boxer and the other two mixed breeds. I watched them for a little while outside the fence and then we entered and I stood with Jerry leashed while the dogs greeted him and I talked to the owners. Once everyone seemed comfortable, I let him loose and would call him back every few minutes. He had a great time playing.

Jerry loves to play with other dogs more than anything. He wants to play with every dog he meets and he adjusts his play style to the dog. If it's an older or smaller dog, he runs slowly and is very gentle. If it's a large, young dog, he is faster and more rambunctious. If a dog is tired of playing, he will back off very quickly and leave them alone. I feel like he can be trusted with almost any dog, but I still wouldn't just turn him loose with a strange dog without monitoring the situation.

I think dog parks can be really great, but there are certain things I would never do. I would never bring out a toy around a bunch of strange dogs. I wouldn't just turn my dog loose without observing the other dogs first. I wouldn't take him into the park if there were more than 4 or 5 dogs there. And of course I would never take my 10 pound dog into the large dog park.

There isn't a dog park in my town, but there is a nice trail alongside a river where I can take my dog and let him off leash. He loves to run up and down the trail in front of me, stopping to smell and pee on everything. He even stops and digs a little, which is something I'd never seen him do until we went down there. He always comes back to me when I call or gets back on the trail if I think he's going too far off the side and tell him no. It's really fun just watching him be a dog, in a way that I don't get to see when we're walking on leash or playing fetch or training.

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If I suddenly stopped taking Teddy to the dog park, I think she would ask to be adopted by another family.

Jo & Teddy,my female german shepherd, born Christmas Day, 2011
"One reason a dog is such a lovable creature is his tail wags instead of his tongue." - Unknown
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Originally Posted by PatchonGSD View Post
I dont use them. To much risk and worry involved for me.

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If you are going through hades, keep going!
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Originally Posted by DJEtzel View Post
I love my dog park. I take all of my dogs & fosters here. And I work here.

Meadow Run Park - Home

Interesting place.

I like the requirement listed on the site about dogs "must be non-aggressive to other dogs and obedient to owner".

My question would be --- How are these things tested before the dog is allowed to run free in the park?
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