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Originally Posted by qbchottu View Post
As long as you can provide for and support your dogs, there is no reason for anyone else to tell you how many you can and can't have. If the animals are cared for, safe, happy and thriving, who is to say how many is too many? I'll add as many as I feel is right for me.
100% agree with this! It's a personal choice and opinion. Everyone is different and everyone's income (and how they spend it) is different. One person's 3 dogs may be another person's 1 dog. I am comfortable with multiple dogs, where as one of my co-workers is stretched with just her 1 dog.

I surely don't want anyone getting into my business with my dogs. Everyone's fed better then most kids out there, they are at the vet when needed, on the best flea/heartworm prevention every month of the year, in training classes with one of the best trainers here in central FL, and are kept very safe and loved like they were our children. I don't believe myself and people like me (and most of us on here) can be compared to joe hoarder with 10 dogs wildly out of control on and off his property producing 5 litters a year. However, for those that wish for tighter controls on this.... that's what will happen if that is set in motion. I don't like the idea of having my life monitored and controlled anymore then it already is.

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I don't feed raw because I can't fit an extra freezer in my house, lol. My dogs eat waaaay better than I do. When I worked in a pet supply store the manager loved giving me my paycheck because half of it would go straight back to her! :P

The world of dog sport is an excellent way to buff up on your bartering. I trade work and management for fees; everyone wins. Need someone to set up the lure course field at 4 am in the rain? I'll do it! If you'll eat the cost of my entry and a fun run or two. Need those mats unrolled and the ribbons sorted at 6:30 before vendors arrive? No problem! How about comping my conformation entries? The only thing I haven't been able to barter is use of agility equipment, which I totally understand.

I'm also just a crazy dog person. My life revolves around them. Where I live, what I do (or how many hours I have to be away from them to do it) is all around them. It doesn't work for some/most people to live like that, but it sure does for me. And you don't have to be a hermit to do it; people just seem to understand that if you're going somewhere with them your first question will be 'can I bring a dog?'
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At one time I had 5 personal dogs,but with my current work schedule I think having the 1 full time dog plus 1 to 3 fosters at any given time,that is enough for me.I am considering adding another personal dog,but that won't be for another few months at least.

Some of my fosters are more needy than others and require more time for training and socialization. As far as food goes,I feed Flint River Ranch and supplement with raw every now and then, so that runs me between $70( if it's just my dog at the time) upwards of $150 per month if I have a few fosters.

Right now our house is a little more quiet with our personal dog and one foster,but that usually doesn't last too long. I try to take a break for a week or two before I take in a new foster,unless it's a true emergency.
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ive had 2 dogs in the past, that was ok, but now its only one. 3 dogs would become a chore, and for me chores are never fun. maybe in a few years another dog would be ok, thats 2 total, and affordable.
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Originally Posted by elisabeth_00117 View Post
With those with more than 3 - how to manage financially (don't answer if you don't feel comfortable) with providing adequate health care and nutrition? I can't imagine paying for more than 3 dogs - especially large dogs!

I fed raw, so even just storing the amount of food needed for all those dogs seems like a big job to me!

Also, with those with multiple dogs in different training venues - how do you manage - time wise (with work and your other dogs?)?

I have one in herding, one in schutzhund and the one in schutzhund is also starting agility in a few weeks... all my time (and money!) is going to this lately or gas money to get there. And now that one is trialing, money is spent on fees and gas to and from trials. I can't imagine doing this with more than 1-2 dogs.

Kudos to those who do it - it's a dream to have more than 2-3 dogs, all involved in different sports, etc... just can't imagine actually doing it right now - especially with working full time.
I can't lie, it does create a burden. Money that I might spend on myself, or my home, or whatever, is instead spent on the dogs.

I admit, though, that the only training costs now are Bailey. I did spend a little money on a personal trainer when I brought in #4. #4 was intitally expensive, with blood work, heartworm check, neuter, collar, leash, etc.

It is not cheap in any way shape or form. Flea/tick preventative is crazy expensive for the bigger boys. Two of them are on stupidly expensive food and supplements. Older girl (non-gsd) is hypothryoid, so requires regular blood work to monitor.

I'm not trying to whine here, hehe... but it isn't easy, and it takes a ton of diligence and dedication, IMVHO. Maybe I'm just doing things wrong that it is so draining. Maybe it's the heat lately. My life does totally revolve around these hooligans, but I have to say, I sometimes daydream that I don't have to be accountable for them every 6 hours. That someone else could do it for me for a day or two. Of course, I'd worry that they weren't doing it right.
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My husband helps me,even when I tell him that I've got it covered.He kinda knows when I am getting overwhelmed because of time or just being tired. I used to always try to micromanage how he took care of the animals,but now I just let him do it his way. His way is pretty close to my way even though it isn't exactly how I would do it. I can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed,but also being overwhelmed by others not doing it the way you want it done. You should see all of the notes I leave for the boarding kennel, even though they have kept my animals a million times,and take excellent care of them.Now they don't question,they just nod and smile!

Originally Posted by chelle View Post
My life does totally revolve around these hooligans, but I have to say, I sometimes daydream that I don't have to be accountable for them every 6 hours. That someone else could do it for me for a day or two. Of course, I'd worry that they weren't doing it right.
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It was tough there for a while for us with four dogs and one cat, but ever-since the youngest one, Trintron, got past the six-month-to-one-year-six-month-old super-brat-stage, things have turned out even better than hoped-for. We don't do crates but we do practice NILIF (not hardcore or anything like that).

All of our girls need lots of exercise (physical and mental). On a daily basis, GM and I seek out lots of new challenges-positive outlets for their energy, otherwise we'd be knee-deep in [Beeep] to have them with such a small home and even smaller not fenced-in yard---so training is on-going and kept interesting and most of all: fun. We would all go nutso if there was no fun! All dogs do tracking, agility, obedience, in classes, etc., and we even enrolled in "tricks class" just to keep them challenged in a positively-absolutely-fun way!

We get the comments...you know the kind...."must be a lot of work." And yes it is work....BUT it's not work when it's fun! Here's a photo of Cris (old dog learns new tricks), and Trintron (young bratty princess tilty head), and it's showing how happy GM and I are:

Yep lol that's me and 'good-mikey'.....and just want to add that as much as we get the ...."must be a lot of work" comments...we get even moreso...."They are such great dogs."
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I have 2 and a half dogs.... 2 big dogs, Bailey and Wendy and one small min pin. I also have a 2nd GSD male that stays frequently while his daddy goes TDY.

I can walk all of my dogs by myself anywhere and have them completely in control. They listen and know what I expect. I in turn reward them with chatty banter and lots of yum-yums while we are out impressing the Heck out of all the strangers.... I am 5'3' and skinny - so it's impressive. My husband doesn't get the same reaction when he has them - he doesn't get the control that I have..... But I honestly have worked hard with each one individually to get here... and I put Bailey on a prong collar - she is pig headed and doesn't listen all the time - so the prong collar reminds her I am in control.

Bailey is always looking forward to meeting new people, she is a happy choco lab - so she tends to pull in the direction of people, and I have to watch that - esp. with 2 GSD's walking next to her that can scare most people just by existing!

I only have as many pets as I can handle. If I start to lose control, we have to re-evaluate the situation!

Wendy Darling (GSD)
Gidget (Min Pin)
Bailey (Choco Lab)
Chachi, Bonnie, Rico, Jelly Bean and Hank (Da Birds)
Kayla Marie
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i found gsds way more work and more expensive than the other breeds i have experience with like pitbull labs, husky but also found them more rewarding, a pack would be really amazing but it would be like owning a horse or something lol would be a dream though.

Would probably be easier with less maintenance breeds i'm guessing.

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That's a great idea. I think it is important that you really enjoy and like to have a pet, so that you will enjoy taking care of them and would not think it was a burden.

I grew up with dogs and just lately I had started to enjoy having a pet cat.

pet expenses
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