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i think the amount of exercise depends on the dogs needs.
when my dog doesn't go for a walk i drive him to one
of our play areas and toss his ball for him. i toss the ball
untill my dog starts to pant heavy. my GF kicks his ball
in the yard for him. sometimes i play "find it" (i hide something
then i send my dog to find it) in the house for a little exercise
and mind stimulation. today i'm off from work so Loki and i
will give my GF a ride to work. after we drop her off at work
we're headed to the woods (1.5 mile walk). after the woods we're going to do our Saturday stuff, go the bank, dry cleaners, lunch, etc.
my dog is going to be active untill noon. then we'll be home for a few hours and then out again at 3:00 pm. after we pick my GF up from work we're probably headed to the woods near our house for a family walk (2 to 5 miles).
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Sasha's ideal exercise would be an hour in the morning (either a bike ride or a very very fast {pretty much a jog} walk), a little play time in the afternoon, at least an hour(same kind, bike or very brisk walk) at night, and lots of mental stuff. She loves the mental stuff the best and it wears her out like no amount of exercise will. That being said, she's very chill in the house. If I don't take her out for a day or two she's fine. At the same time, if I want to go all day long, she's down with that too. As long as she's with me she's pretty content. That being said, she's not really a couch potato. She's had to have zero exercise for the past two months due to a medical thing and she has soooooo much pent up energy that she's almost ridiculous. They need the physical and mental stimulation to be happy, how much depends on the dog.

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Honestly, ya'll do much more than I do with mine. There are days where I do nothing at all with them. And they are working/working dogs.

One of my girls is a really, and I mean, really high drive and high energy dog. But even she learned to calm down at home. However, it takes one word and the switch is flipped and she's ready to conquer the world.

If you have a GSD, it is important to teach them how to calm down at home and if there is a day or two without exercise, they shouldn't take the house apart because of that.

It is very important to keep a good Balance and not to over or understimulate them.
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Thank you all for the responses! We got a pup today - she is 3/4 GSD and 1/4 lab. Eeeeeek! I will be reading avidly because I haven't had a puppy for 15 years.
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Originally Posted by PupperLove View Post
My dog loves to be active, but he is also fine in the house on days when he doesn't get a whole lot of exercise. BUT, he is one of the dogs that will run till he drops if you let him. He's pretty well balanced. Some days he just needs to RUN, and I actually run him in the yard for about 15 minutes (play fetch) BEFORE I take him on a walk because when he gets excited and also has pent up energy, he generally gets very whiney and annnoying and he'll whine for about 6 blocks or so.

I think overall GSDs are highly active dogs and will do best in a home where they can be worked, or in an active family. They could easily be too much for a 'couch potato' style of living. They can get bored easily and destroy things in the process. GSDs are very smart, and their minds need to be put to use or you will find things chewed up all over the place Mine also chews if he feels we aren't paying attention to him!

So all in all, physical and mental exercise are very important. The amount of drive will vary from dog to dog. A high drive dog is going to require a lot more exercise and mental stimulation. But oh gosh- even with their quirks and high maintenance, there just isn't a dog cuter, or one that can melt my heart, easier than a GSD!!!!
Well said ,mine are the same but my youngest has never damaged anything in the house and he has been crateless since 6 months. He will retrieve a ball till your arm falls off but is a couch potatoe complete with head on the pillow when in the house. He is now 8 months old
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Since we do not have a yard, I must walk our dog. Before I got our 1st dog 10 years ago, I wanted to make sure I could walk it. So I would walk myself in the morning and evening, whether I wanted to or not. Once I got into the habit of walking, then I was ready for a dog.

Our current dog gets 25-30 minute walk in the morning. If I'm lucky the tennis courts are open and I can throw a ball. About 2x a week my daughter will take her out at lunch for 45-60 minutes. Weekends could involve and hour of training or an hour hike or walk on beach midday. Evenings my dog likes the best because it is cool. We'll walk a mile to a small private beach, or tennis (if courts are open, they lock them up like Ft Knox in my town). We'll do ball throwing and digging for about 20 minutes, take a break and walk a mile home. Usually out for 60-90 minutes at night.
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Originally Posted by minerva_deluthe View Post
Thank you all for the responses! We got a pup today - she is 3/4 GSD and 1/4 lab. Eeeeeek! I will be reading avidly because I haven't had a puppy for 15 years.
3/4 and 1/4 ?? Interesting mix. Please do post pics!
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Tank usually gets an hour offleash walk at the local park in the morning, and another 30 minute offleash walk through the neighborhood at night when I get home from work(11pm). Every few days, my wife will take him on a 2-3 mile walk/run when she finishes her daily run. And then of course there are several quick training sessions when I'm not at work, fetch, and rough housing.

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I'm not sure how much Viking "requires" yet, but this is what he usually gets:

3x 15 minute walks on trails, 30+ minutes of playtime in the house (playing with me, games like tug or fetch etc), 10-30 minutes of training (includes walking around etc), and 2+ hours on a long lead wandering/running in the park. I don't do off leash dog parks but when nobody is around at my local park, since it's fenced in, I'll sometimes let him "off leash" for brief periods to run about. On some days we're doing dog sports (Flyball), other days puppy class (obedience), etc.

Viking gives me the impression that he can keep going for awhile. We spent 5-6 hours at a dog festival on Saturday walking around, meeting dogs, doing agility, going for a swim, and then running around at a local park that evening and he was still revved up to continue training. The only thing that really tires him out is mental exercise (dog sports, things where he has to really think about what he's doing, etc). I've slowly been upping his exercise over time and adding in more things.

Viking vom Zeder-Kamme (11/19/2011)
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Aiden is the type of dog that can go for hours if we are out, but pretty much sleeps and lounges around when he's in the house. We go for at least 1 walk a day that can be anywhere from 2-5miles. Three times a week he goes for a 6+ miles bike ride with me, but it's not something that I think he absolutely NEEDS.

What he definitely needs more than physical exercise is mental stimulation. He's a thinker and if left to his own devices can get a little wonky. He's a shadow/light chaser, he scratches at scuff marks on the floor, and he can generally be a little OCD. We go to Schutzhund club for OB/PR twice a week and track 3-4 times a week. In the house he is constantly doing basic OB things that I ask him of. We don't formally practice too much because he is very handler sensitive and gets in to this "I'm doing it wrong" state of mind, but if I keep him thinking, even with little things, then he has less time to worry about the "shadow monsters."

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