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3 Month Old GSD Mix

This is my first time and first post in this website, so please inform me if I posted anything wrong. A couple weeks ago, I adopted a 2 and a half month old German/Australian Shepherd Mix and is now 3 months. I can tell she is very intelligent as she is starting to learn sit, down, and stay and maybe even roll over. Though, she doesn't really listen when we are out on walks or in the public or dog parks, she is just used to doing her own thing, and I know this might be normal for a pup but when do you think she will start to mature and get better with commands? When we walk, it is also very hard for me to put her leash on her collar as she always bites her leash when I put it on her, I don't know if it is because of excitement or she just doesn't like it. She also tends to bite a lot at random times at our feet, hands and arm and we try to direct her attention to a chew toy but she just really likes the human parts for some reason. If you can, can you please give me a little example of your routine or schedule of when I should train her what? This might give me an idea of what her progress should be in the later dates.
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Welcome Baes,

You have a very pretty young girl; I like the blue eye, her Australian side shows there.
If you haven't raised a puppy before; I would check in your area for a PetsMart or reputable pet store that holds training classes for pups and young dogs. You don't want him to grow up to be an "unmanageable misfit doggie."

Hope the rest of the forum will welcome you and not post any zingers about not having a pure German Shepherd. :-/ Be nice forum folks.

I raised three Shepherds from pups and you gain experience with what to do, and what not to do. I would make sure your pup understands what "No" means and start correcting her when she starts biting you and your family.
As soon as my pup starting getting too rough with biting, I would say "No King", and I would hold his muzzle shut and look at him in the eyes when I corrected him. Never strike your dog with your hand, that's the worst thing you can do no matter how mad you may get at her. I was told that by K9 handlers I was deployed with in the military.

Remember, a dog associates your hands with everything positive. When you hit a dog you confuse her, and she becomes fearful and loses all trust in you. In can be fixed in rescue dogs, but it takes a lot of work and sometimes professional help.
Not saying you are hitting your pup, just conveying a training principal.

You'll do just fine with your girl, but get on the right track and try a beginners training class.
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Cute puppy. She could be more active than a German Shepherd. I suggest you find an experience trainer who understands herding breeds. That is very normal behavior for her age. Search this forum for biting and puppy leash. You will find many good threads on each.
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I never saw anybody give somebody a "zinger" for having a mixed German Shepherd on this forum. That was rather insulting to the other members.

On topic, she is way too young to be concerned about formal obedience. Take some time to bond and enjoy your puppy. There will be plenty of time for training but she will be a little, playful pup for a very short time. Don't let it pass you by. Have fun, get plenty of pictures and come back here to share them!
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If you need equipment to maintain control of your dog, understand you’re hanging on to your dog’s body because you’ve lost his mind!

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Haha, never would have guessed Aussie, I would've said something like husky. Very cute pup!

Just keep working on commands, she'll get better at it as she gets older. That's a good list of commands for a puppy. My dog still doesn't know rollover, not even close and she's a year and a half!
Remember she's still little and basically just needs tons and tons of repetition over time. But don't go too crazy for right now, she's still a baby.
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Welcome to the forum! Love the blue eye! Let your puppy be a puppy, be firm but fair. Try to keep training play and fun for the pup. It's normal for puppies to listen well at home but not when out with all the distractions around them. That part takes time and maturity.
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It's not unreasonable to expect to put a leash on a puppy without a battle?? On the other hand ... it's not common either. Right now your problems are being compounded becasue he does not know anything???

I'd forget your timeline question, if your fairly new at the "puppy thing???" What others can do in X amount of time ... won't be of much value to you?? But for right now ... what to do??? Well you can address this issue directly ... puppy or not ... I don't really like being chomped on myself. A muzzle grab slight pressure and a "No" can work. For one option of a direct approach. But there are other options ... that's just one of many.

The leash biting ... yeah I have only seen that once. "Big Headed" (Breed that shall be mentioned) what worked ... was pulling the leash "Straight Up" and out of his grasp. It's a puppy so you'd have to be gentle but firm ... that should work however. Or you can try and just duck the issue and use a "Metal Chain leash" most likely he'd not find that to pleasant to chew on???

There is also the option of "out thinking him." Instead of fighting with issues you don't want ... start to train behaviours you do want. Train a "Down" your still going to be dealing with puppy crazy but training "Down" is a good goal. When he is being a brat ... tell him "Down" and it will be more of a "Oh ... I know that one kinda thing" instead of a battle. "Down" just may eliminate the leash grabbing issue? And if you train "Down" ... you can move beyond that and train "The Place Command" similar but different.

Bethany Wilson, has video clips on training puppies in "Place" as well as clips on the biting thing and stuff. Here are her puppy training videos ... welcome aboard.

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