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multiple GSDs - command training

I have a 4 year old GSD (Dolly) that is very obedient but one major mistake I made was teaching her commands without her name though she knows her name.

I trained her using commands, eye contact, and hand signals but unfortunately I never thought I'd own another GSD while she is living so I only used single commands for example "COME, SIT, STAY, ECT" among more complex things but those are examples.

My issue now is I have an almost 19 week GSD male (Duke) that I'm training too.

I've been training Duke to respond to commands with his name first "Duke COME" "Duke STAY", ect.

My problem is that Dolly hears my voice from a mile away and responds immediately even when I'm working with Duke. I can crate her no problem but I'd prefer to reteach her.

I am reteaching her by calling her name first but I would like to get an outsiders opinion on how they did it or the best way to do it.

Currently I'm working "Duke stay, Dolly come" or the opposite when I want Dolly to come and Duke to stay.. That works great! But if I say Dolly stay (she stays), Duke come (both come).

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What I did with mine is have one stay while doing sits and downs with the second dog close by.Next heeling close by and circling the first dog.When you feel both dogs understand the concept and are reliable you keep moving farther away.When they are both are 100% reliable you can practice come close by again,only a few feet away at first so you can quickly correct.This one is hard for them!Eventually you will get a reliable stay at any distance.This worked well for us


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No advice here, but I just wanted to say hooray! You got another puppy! Pictures, please.

Train the dog in front of you.
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What about using a different language to teach Duke. You could call on either with their perspective language without creating confusion.
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When I had 4 dogs I had a command for all dogs at once "Doggies, Come!"
But when I called one dog, only rewarded that dog and ignored the others. They quickly figured that out. A good read:"Feeling Outnumbered?" by McConnell
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Originally Posted by Nigel View Post
What about using a different language to teach Duke. You could call on either with their perspective language without creating confusion.
That's what I was going to suggest. Duke is a German dog, so give him his commands in German. Or just use different commands for him. Of course, single syllabic commands are easiest/best, especially when you have two dogs. This way, the commands are clearer; avoid having 'smudge' and 'sludge' as separate commands, as they sound too similar.
Special note: if you do use different languages for the commands, you may not always be able to use the proper words. For example, 'come' in German is 'kommen,' which can sound a lot alike. Instead, just pick a fun different word.

I started re-training my current pup (non-gsd) with commands that aren't so obvious. Since I take him to a nice dog park virtually every single day (rain makes the place extremely muddy; he plays at home then), every person is saying 'come,' 'sit,' 'heel,' 'stop,' etc.. As a result, he'll hear a lot of commands that he can then ignore. I don't want my pup hearing ignore-able commands. As a result, I'm currently teaching him words/commands that aren't commonly heard at the park. For example, one of his "come" commands is 'target,' in which he is to come to me AND touch his nose to my two fingers (essentially a 'peace sign,' but with my index and middle fingers touching), thus creating his "target."

It may seem strange to others that your dog sits when you say 'tomato,' but better training is the important thing!
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Kavai was trained in German using her name only for recall and hand signals at a distance. Rocco and Beya we are training in German also but now we are finding that we require names when we need one to respond. When I walk them together or in pair I avoid using names as I want them all to do the same thing.

I look forward to reading this thread, once we get past the basics with the puppies we will want to command them one at a time. THis should be fun.

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Teach both dogs place commands. Have one place or do a long down while you work the other one. Then begin workig them together and seperate. Alternate regularly.

The dogs in these vids know two seperate languages, but my preference is to use the same language and just add the name before the command if I want to specify and individual. Reptition and consistency will create success.

Bastian the Beast

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i was able to find a previous thread where my reply may be of some help to you...

I do food tossing drills.... have both dogs sit a few feet apart, say their name then toss a treat.... after a couple sessions I progress to them being side by side and same thing, say their name and toss the food. initially the one whose turn it wasn't would still budge slightly as food was being tossed to the other, and vice versa. once they both consistently kept their bottoms planted, I knew they understood who I was talking to and I started introducing other commands and rewarded with food. this made it simple because if the other dog performed the behavior, he'd never get rewarded so pretty soon they'd ignore me til they heard their name.

I know that this doesn't really apply to what you're trying to teach but it's a good drill to get them in the habit of listening for their name before following a command in the presence of the other dog.

personally I'd change some of your hand signals so that none of them resemble pointing, then let pointing to the dog you're trying to direct be their cue as to who you're talking to. I recommend food rewards to train this that way it becomes really clear to the dog if they're performing and aren't earning anything.... it either extinguishes the behavior or causes them to work harder and figuring out what they're doing wrong that isn't yielding the reward.

I've also used different hands for each dog.... for instance give the dog on my left the stay signal with my left hand while giving the sit signal with the right hand to the dog on the right. that works well.

good luck!

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