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Unhappy What to do with SUPER protective instinct/hunts cats

Hello all,
My name is Luca from Geneva Switzerland. I have a beautifully amazing 15month old GSD who has made me the happiest man in the world!
We go to school 2/3 times a week and he's really good and obedient. He is super social with humans and dogs ( most dogs at least...) unfortunately there's a BUT... When we go for his night walk at around 23:30, we go to a park next to my house I don't usually keep him on a leash. The other night we saw people in the park and he went MENTAL!
Started barking at them and hitting them with his nose as if he was going to bite but didn't clamp down. Obviously the people in the park were terrified (so was I) I grabbed him put him on a leash and apologized. Now I keep him on a leash but during the night he becomes supper aggressive to anyone that comes near me or my girlfriend. How can I get this to stop??

Also he used to be friendly to our cat but now as soon as our little cat walks in he goes to get her and he doesn't hold back... I talked to the vet that said an e collar could work... What are people's thoughts?

Thank you in advance for the help!!!
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Hi Luca, I suggest a trainer, experienced with german shepherds, working individually with you and your dog on these problems. I'm wondering if it was a territorial issue when your dog discovered people in his park. If you aren't feeling confident walking your dog at night now after the incident, your dog will have picked up on this, causing him to be protective/aggressive. You need to have an attitude of confidence, leadership and control. Regarding the cat. I'd separate their living areas when you aren't there to supervise, and always have your dog on a leash and correct him when he thinks about starting on the cat. He needs to learn 'Leave it' regarding the cat. It's your home, you are the leader, and going for the cat will not be tolerated. Regarding an ecollar, do your research and learn how to use it correctly. If your timing is off, you can make the problem worse. The cost for a good one is $300 Australian.
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At that age, I'd refrain from using an E collar but he's past puppyhood. Is he neutered?
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Hi, Luca

My dogs have always been "tuned up" at night. That's the way I prefer it. I would not have them out at night without a leash for a couple of reasons.

1. There are people out at night walking the area that may not be the most dog friendly( or safe), for many reasons.

2. If you dog runs off, you will have difficulty finding him in the dark and traffic cannot easily see to avoid an accident. There's a whole other world of nocturnal animals that can distract a dog.

It's not worth the risk to me.....
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Cats and Dogs there is only one rule "The Dog Never Chase the Cat!' Put a drag leash on the dog (Short leash with no handle and train "The Place Command." Details are in the link below!

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Originally Posted by Sharocks View Post
At that age, I'd refrain from using an E collar but he's past puppyhood. Is he neutered?
Pretty sure if Lou saw this he would blow a gasket??

I don't use an E collar myself but that is about the silliest thing I've ever heard!

Just saying.
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A well trained dog does not behave differently at night than he does in the day??? I'm not in the Military or LE nor do I have a seeing eye dog but LE and military folks are on here and I'm sure "this" would be news to them??

A well trained dog, is a well trained dog! Rocky walks off leash with me out here regardless of time of day?? Black OS WL GSD at night it is seriously dark out here, not alot of street lights in the desert!

Most of the time when we walk at night I can't see him but I know he's there! Sometimes I take "point" sometimes he takes "point." At night if I happen to run into a "situation" with someone and it turns ugly?? Someone is gonna have 116 lbs of "trouble" coming at that from out of "no where" so we'er good! Gotta love a BLK dog!
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from 2 friends experience and i have seen myself... neuter doesnt do crap really...

Ace Von Backyard 3/12/2014
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But enough about me and Rocky. What I would do with this dog is "Who Pets my Puppy or dog" Rocky had uh..."people issues! It's what I did he does not get to decide friend of foe??? That's my job his job is to follow my lead! If I don't have a problem with "X" neither does he!

I kept people and dogs out of his face ignore and move on! Essay explains it but the only part "I" endorse is the "walking part" the essay goes beyond that and "Pros" have a problem with some of the rest of the advice!

That being said see here:

You need to train "The Place Command" every dog should know this and many "pros" have there clients do "Sit on the Dog" exercise. Details can be found here:

And the Solid K9 Training site Jeff's audience is pretty much world wide! Weekly radio show and pod cast tons of info available!
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Do you think you get a little anxious being out that late in a park? I know I get a little nervous at times, and my dog definitely picks up on it. He's noticeably more alert, gives more attention to the people that he spots etc. but will leave them alone if they leave us alone or if I ask him to. I prefer it that way, and I don't like to be approached after dark, but if someone does look like they are going to come up to me and start a conversation, I put my dog in a down stay and tell them to give him a little space.

Maybe you can start working on him focusing on you after dark? Either way, I would pop him back on the leash until you sort it out. Good luck!

~ Babyawn Bruno Zen (Tchaikovsky) 01/09/2014
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