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If you have done the CGC, I have a couple of questions

At what age did your GSD pass the CGC, and if you know, what line is your dog from? Show, German, Czech or other??

Is it true that some lines mature later than others?

Also, if you have done the CGC with other breeds, what age were they when they passed?

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I done mine when he's around 1 years old, could do it earlier, but i waited for the CGC so now CGC becomes a title

mine is from a german showline. He's at 1 yr 8 months but still like a puppy.
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My female GSD passed at 1 1/2 years old.

This was the first time I ever did anything like that and she had some major fear issues I had to work on prior to that.

I got a male the following year. He was 9 weeks old when I brought him home. I figured he would be able to pass much sooner because I knew what I was doing and he didn't have any issues I needed to work on.

As it turned out, he was 17 months old when he passed. He just wasn't mature enough. Maybe if I was a better trainer, we could have done it sooner.

Both my dogs are BYB dogs.
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Well I was a bit impatient and my boy took the CGC when he was 5.5 months. He failed in the the most spectacular fashion. He sat on a lay and laid on a sit. He twirled for a stay and crawled for a come. He was having the time of his life and putting everyone in stitches. Needless to say we will be retaking it.

Our local dog club instructor advised, once she could finish wiping the laughing tears from her eyes, that most shepherds she had seen seemed to be better taking the test at or after 1yr of age. We'll be waiting till after his first birthday to try again. Lord only knows what tricks he'll have up his sleeve by then.
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We are taking the class starting tonight and test is in October. Zeus is 7 month.

I know where we will have issues, but I am determined to pass it with him =)

Mine is WGSD.

And I was told that males mature later.

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First bitch (ASL) did hers at 1 year, easy pass. Second bitch (ASL) did hers at 5.5 months, easy pass. Dog (ASL) did his at 8 months, almost failed on the stay. Both bitches could have been tested earlier, as could the male if I'd put in the work.
My latest bitch came home at 5.5 mo, I am scheduled to have her tested when she is 6.5 mo (Czech/ASL).

CGC is VERY easy to pass with basic training. The 'trouble' spots for mine in training were stays and not freaking out when I went out of sight. The former is easy to work on. Train daily (short sessions, a few minutes) and reinforce often. Incorporate training into your games. The latter improves as you extend the time away for your pup in another room, in his crate, etc. As long as your dog is stable and you have a decent evaluator there's no reason a puppy cannot easily pass with simple daily training.

Individual lines moreso than types mature at very different rates. My females don't even start to bulk out until after they turn two, and my male achieved full size at under a year. I like mine to be slow-maturing.

I have a crazy SA labradoodle that I could probably pass CGC with, but he's not a CGC so I don't feel comfortable getting him the certificate. He wouldn't deserve it. :P

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I think Rainer passed at around 6 months. Pretty easy for him, but don't go with any friends or dogs your pup might be friendly with. I went with a group of friends and we all stepped out during the test except for the dog being tested. We didn't do any formal training for the test. My friend texted us the night before saying there's a test the next morning at the humane society and to meet her there, lol.

The class we got tested in was testing for both the CGC and Therapy Dog cert. Rainer passed the extra requirements for the Therapy Dog cert at the same time as his CGC, but because he was under 12 months we couldn't get it. When he's older we'll go back for it.

He's a German Showline.

Edit: Forgot to add he also seems to be maturing verrryy slowly. He is 21 months now and still acts like a puppy - play, play, play! He is just now starting to have moments of switching into adult brain mode.

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Originally Posted by farnln View Post
At what age did your GSD pass the CGC, and if you know, what line is your dog from? Show, German, Czech or other??

Is it true that some lines mature later than others?

Also, if you have done the CGC with other breeds, what age were they when they passed?

Nikon was 10 months (intact male WGSL), Pan I think was 12 months (intact male WGWL). Kenya was 3 but that's because I got her when she was 3. She passed it several times (our therapy dog training group used a CGC test) and also helped as the "neutral dog". Pan was a neutral dog for another dog on his test day as well.

My mix Coke (male, neutered, large mixed breed) passed it I think when he was 3, got him when he was 1.5. He was harder to train basic stuff, not a very drivey or attentive dog and only wanted to visit other dogs and people!

My 1 year old pit mix has not tried it yet, we're still letting her settle in before more serious obedience training. She'd need to learn a better stay and the neutral dog, the rest she can do.
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Duke was a few months shy of 3yrs old. I got him at 2yrs old, and they were holding it at our training group.... so we joined in. He's a german show line, neutered male.

Storm could pass right now (if she behaves!), but we're focusing on getting her BH currently. She's 1.5yrs old, west german working line, intact female.

I do believe some lines are slower to mature. I see all the time at training and with my own dogs. I've seen certain litters just start to mature at 3, and others are way advanced in maturity. Storm is fairly mature for her age, so was Duke. When we got him at 2, his maturity was more of a 4-5 year old.... not a dog just turning 2. Zira on the other hand is still all over the place and she's almost 3. Body and mind... I believe they all mature at a different pace, but certain lines also tend to sway that a bit.

I never officially did it with other breeds, but I did train my goldens back in the day, and I'd say knowing what they do during this tests... my goldens would have been fine at about 1.5yrs because they were a little hyper and the more sporty type. I've seen a lot of the calmer breeds pass at 8months and below. We did a mock one a few months ago for everyone at training, and we had a 6 month old join for the experience.... they would have passed right then and there if it were the real thing. Depends on the dog.... it's all really basic though.

The CGC was fun, I didn't sweat it.... we just had a good time. If anything, doing a "mock" CGC never hurts for any questionable or possible problematic areas.... it also helps with any handler nerves or concerns.

Good luck!

-Zira (01/09/11)
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Shasta passed it at 3 years old. Actually just this past June. She's a German Showline cross. I probably could have tested her earlier but I didn't have a whole lot of faith in her ability to pass anything relating to dogs because she gets excited and pulls.

Dax... he's got a ways to go before I'll even consider TRYING to test him. He's Czech/ddr. He's a bonehead. I'll hopefully get him close to where I'll test him on it when he's about a year old but we'll see. I have a lot of "chill out" work to do with him.

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