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Crating your dog Good/Bad?

There were some unrelated posts on a thread a while back that went off on a tangent, as they do from time to time, that explored views on crating. There was a view expressed that crating is less than ideal husbandry of a GSD, and then there is the view that I support, which is that the GSD is a denning animal, and crating is a perfectly acceptable way to manage your GSD.

This morning, Dayna and I went to our training spot a bit later than normal, and instead of tracking and obedience, we played. Two friends were there with their GSDs, and we simply let them run together for well over an hour. You know how that has a way of tuckering them out......when we got home, I opened the back of the vehicle, and ran in to the restroom. She jumped out of the back, came inside, and we had a bite to eat, then went outside to comence knocking out chores. Normally Dayna follows me everywhere, all the time....but in the middle of sweeping the garage I noticed, no dog???

So here I find her, independently jumped back into her crate, and napping in the warm fall sun.

A crate is your GSD's den, and if managed as sanctuary rather than a is a happy place that is safe while we're away earning a living to buy more GSD stuff.

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Our dogs love their crates. Even Dante does now. Most nights when I go to do the final potty break of the night, he runs to his crate ready for bed before he's even gone potty again.

They each have their own, except the girls who share (not together - but neither crated at the same time so they alternate nights).
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I'm with the "crating is good" school of thought. Though I rarely crate as my two are now very reliable loose in the house, and I would prefer them to be loose in the house and have a bit more freedom to move around, look out the window, bark at squirrels and magpies, etc, than to be crated all day. However, I have no issues AT ALL about crating dogs that have not attained (or never will attain) that level of trustworthiness. I would crate without a second thought if I didn't feel that leaving my dogs out is safe.

Plus, when I leave them out and I am gone for the day, they are in separate areas of the house - so far they are excellent together, but Keeta likes to fancy herself as the Queen of the Household, and Gryff is fast approaching the age where he may not want to be second fiddle anymore, so separated they are.

Of course there are people that abuse crating - that does not make crating inherently bad, just as any training collar is not inherently bad, it is how it is used.

I have a cat that is crate trained - at meal times she runs to her crate and waits for me to open the crate door to let her in. I started crating her because she was soiling on the carpet - so she gets a crate with a litter box all to herself. I can tell you that 98% of people out there would have "gotten rid" of this cat a long time ago. Instead, she is fat and happy and safe, and loves her crate.

I have no problems with people holding different philosophies on crating, and choosing other ways to manage their dogs. Often the issue that brings out the heated discussions on the forums is the quite overt, and sometimes more subtle, accusation that crating is cruel, and only used by lazy people. If someone chooses to not crate their dog, and have found other ways to keep their dogs safe when they are away, more power to them! But to either insinuate or openly assert that people who crate their dogs are being cruel and should not own a dog, well, that is rude, insensitive, arrogant, and actually, wrong!


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I have only one crate (but i have outdoor kennels too) Since my pup will arrive soon I cleaned the crate and closed it so Diabla cannot enter anymore. From this week she will be able to sleep ONLY at the foot of my bed. You would think that is good for any dog, but Diabla is less than happy, she wants her crate...

I closed it for her precisely to avoid her figthing with the pup for the right of being on the crate, and pup will have to sleep crated the first months because I trust more Diabla thn any pup free at night.

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I'm in the crate camp too. I don't crate any more at home because my house is really small and a crate big enough for Bison takes up a lot of room, but he was crated for the first year and our new puppy will be crate trained as well. Bison is crated in the truck for training.

We still have a super sized crate in the basement incase we have to put him up when we have company. I know no one else raises their voice when arguing with their spouse, but DH and I occasionally do. We can always tell when we have gotten too loud because we hear Bison making a b-line for his crate in his basement. Even after 3 years of non-use, it is still his "safe" place.

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Lucy loves her crate too. The doors open all day when i'm home and she always goes in there to take a nap or just lay down. It has always been "her place".

I'm definitely 110% for crating and will continue to do it with every dog I have. If used correctly, a crate can be one of the best tools a dog owner can use.
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Awww, I love that. Jackie is our youngest and the only one still using a crate. She's four months old and loves her crate. She'll sleep in it during the day even when we're here and she doesn't need to be in it. When her and Dakota are playing, she'll run in her crate as if to say, "I'm at home base and safe. You can't get me here." In fact, yesterday she just started something new. Now when I take her outside and then bring her back in and take her collar off, she runs into her crate and lays down. No more having to say "kennel up". She must understand that the only time her collar is taken off is when she's going to be crated because we're leaving. Smart girl, yes she is!!

Plus, if we didn't crate her while we were gone, she would get into all sorts of trouble. I would hate to come home and find an injured (or worse) puppy because we left her out.

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we hold with the crate idea. It helps a great deal. Now that we finally have 3 crates, all the dogs are crated while we're gone. definitely makes grocery shopping and bringing it all in a great deal easier to say the least!!! They like their crates.

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we crate train and we love it. Dodger loves his crate. We leave the door open all day when we're home and he'll go up and lay in it. We'd prefer to have the older two go in a crate when we're not home, but they don't like the crate seeing as they're older and have never been in a crate. Dodge is only in it at night and when we're not home. This weekend I think I'll try leaving Dodger out of his crate at night and see what happens.


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I think that crating is generally good, but it can be used in a bad way. (Putting in crate for punishment, etc) It can be used as a "safe place" for young puppies who just want a place to sleep and relax.
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