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jumping up

I have tried everything with Duece trying to train him not to jump on people. He does it with my husband, son and any new person he meets. I have tried holding him in sit position when people first come through door or want to come up and pet him and he does good until they get right to him and then he jumps and usually scratches and draws blood. I have tried having people ignore, have tried lemon juice sprayed in mouth (thinks it's lemonaide), and have tried pennies in a bottle (thinks it's great new toy). He is getting bigger and bigger and it's getting harder and harder to keep him from jumping. He does not do it to me and does not do it as much with husband and son as he does with new people. Any idea's? Also, how can I teach him to be more aloof with strangers instead of acting like they are his best friend? He is 4 months on Friday.

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Re: jumping up

I have the same problem. I will watch your post to see results. Thanks for posting this, mine is 6 months, so I can really use the help.
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Re: jumping up

Duece sounds like a normal puppy with a good temperment that has been getting some good socialization, keep it up! I wouldn't worry about the Shepherd aloofness untill after he reaches sexual maturity, let him be a puppy and keep up with the good experiences when he meets new people.
A beginning obedience or puppy class would probally help a lot with the jumping up. I would keep working on his sit stay and slowly add in distrtactions when he can hold a sit stay for a solid minute without distractions. A four month old puppy still does not have such a long attention span, take it slow and remain patient. Also, never give any attention without 4 on the floor.
Do you have him on leash when people come over? I believe that four months is too young for reliable off leash OB.
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Re: jumping up

I would like to know how to train company to ignore Trixie (also 4 months old) when they come over. I ask them to ignore and give her no eye contact while i have her on a leash and make her sit until she is calm but they still immediately "look" at her while saying ahhhhh
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Re: jumping up

When Radar is loose in the house he is still teethered in the livingroom so this hasn't been an issue. When we are outside with him I always have some type of tug to redirect him with. I don't know if its a good thing he is not learning the habit of jumping since he is teethered or if it is a bad thing because he is teethered we never get the chance to work on it... I know that he used to jump up around food but now he knows I will never feed him if he is jumping so it stopped quickly and now he sits when he sees the food bowl or training treats. He is 3.5 months. - He is still teethered because he got behind the couch the other day and started to chew on a electric cord...scary cause we even were watching him- he's was just really fast and sneaky!
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Re: jumping up

One suggestion our trainer gave us was to put an envelope or basket of treats by the front door with a sign that says something like "Please take a treat and ask (dog's name) to sit when we open the door. Our puppy is working on his good manners." Or else, pre-warn expected guests to enter the house and ask the puppy to sit when they enter.

Another thing we've worked on is getting our pup not to jump when she sees us (family) by asking her to sit as soon as we come in for a proper greeting. You can also work with the leash and another person and stand just out of jumping reach until the puppy sits and then get close and pet her. You could hold the leash and then have your husband enter the room and talk to her. When she lunges to jump up you hold the leash and wait for her to sit on command and then your husband approaches her and pets her.

Hope some of these suggestions help. We've been working on these things ourselves with Lucky Dog who turns 6 mos today. She's much better than two months ago, so I think maturity is a key as well. Oh, and puppy obedience class was a God send for us.

I'm no expert since Lucky is our first GSD, but we've seen some improvements using these ideas!

Lucky our 17 month old GSD pup
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Re: jumping up

These ideas are great and I will definately try them. Why do you think he does not jump on me? It is something that has never been an issue with me.

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Re: jumping up

What worked for my 9 week old puppy on anything he does wrong is i make my hand into a letter "C" shape and give her/him a small tug on the neck... This is what the alpha dog uses in the wild... its similar to biting the dog on the neck... every time he/she jumps upon on you make the "C" and give a small push
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Re: jumping up

My pup is 3 months old and absolutley horriable about jumping, we have tried everything under the sun to get her to stop but nothing has worked. Today she quickly turned around and jumped on my two year old daughter, putting horriable scratches down my daughters face from her forehead down to her chin.
Hopefully she can learn to calm down and not jump, With mine its not when someone is entering a room or door its just anytime she is around anyone shes doing it constantly.
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Re: jumping up

Quote:Today she quickly turned around and jumped on my two year old daughter, putting horriable scratches down my daughters face from her forehead down to her chin.
I personally think anyone with an young child and a puppy is some kind of SAINT! I know I can only handle one or the other cause of all the stuff going on at the same time! Young kids want to play with the puppies and can accidentally hurt them. Puppies want to play with the young child and accidentally injure them. Twice as much to keep track of.

First of all, the puppy is just excited and wanting to play. So this is a 'play' behavior you have to figure out how to extinguish. I know my MAIN training aid for this isn't any specific training command, but taking an hour or so (and bless you for having this time with a young child and knowing that when you added a puppy to the house) to EXERCISE the puppy each and every day. No matter what.

Realizing that if you are too busy, and do NOT exercise the puppy, that energy will then be directed toward all the humans in the house instead in normal happy play behavior. This is what my friends and I did about every other day to make sure my puppy would come home quieter and calmer as well as less likely to jump.


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