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I think training classes/schools are counter productive. They are an immediate source of distraction when the dog needs to learn as effectively as possible. Distractions should come much later. You also have to compete with the other dogs and handlers for the trainer's time and guidance. I would look for individual training that matches your wants.
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Originally Posted by Moonshayde View Post
I am in Michigan, Detroit but my place is right by a fancy downtown area... The other school is about $270 for 6 weeks, It sort of depends on the class. Still expensive though.
You can find a private trainer for the same price. I don't like classes unless my dog is already trained and I'm using them for the distraction. Then, I still just do my own thing and the trainer knows that beforehand.
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Those are private lesson prices. I think my last obedience class was $50. Big group classes are not expensive, or should not be. The purpose is to teach dogs to work around other dogs and distractions. I do most teaching at home or out somewhere by myself. Even the private lessons give me skills to work on by myself.
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I think that you are using good judgement for you and your dog. Taking every ones suggestions thinking about how it will affect you and your pup in order to come to the best decision as it applies to you both. Also, I had forgotten that your pup is only two months in with his forever home and newly found best human ever so that would be a definite consideration on what situations you want to put him in.

Also, don't ever forget that this breed forgives and forgets just about any goof ups their bonded human do. They don't hold it against us.
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Originally Posted by LuvShepherds View Post
Tell them itís not working for you and if they donít give you a refund, you will show up to class and do what is best for your dog and make sure everyone knows it. There is no reason why you have to go to class, take what they dish out and not give feedback. Iím guessing if you are vocal they will either give you a partial refund or ask you to leave, at which point they would have to refund your money. If you can afford it, do what was joist suggested and walk away. I walked out of a $70 class and never returned. Iíve spent a lot more on a private trainer since then. It sounds from your initial post that you need to work on house manners. Leave it is a good command for counters and anything else they need to learn to ignore.

This. Yup. Stand up for you and your dog. something like: "This is what works for us and this is what we will do until it doesn't work. When it doesn't work, we will consider changing to what you are doing. I will watch how you wish it done, but if I disagree, I will not do it that way.

Perhaps we would both be happier if you offered me a refund and I and my dog went away."

It's hard. We try to be open minded but there is a time when "No!" needs to be loud and clear.
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If you are willing to travel a short distance the Toledo (Ohio)kennel club has classes you can do obedience, rally, and/or agility even conformation. Classes are $70 for 6weeks. I personally haven't gone there but a friend of mine is a member of TKC and she likes the trainers there.
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Originally Posted by Jax08 View Post
You can find a private trainer for the same price. I don't like classes unless my dog is already trained and I'm using them for the distraction. Then, I still just do my own thing and the trainer knows that beforehand.
This is what I did for my two dogs. We started with a very good IGP / IPO trainer and dogs trained on the field only 1 at a time, with one in a long down on the other end of the field. It was balanced training with food lures to teach a skill and P+ only for those times when the dog got distracted or lost focus...and it was only for a quick "hey, pay attention". I signed each of my dogs up for a group class at about a year old so that my dog would learn to work around other dogs in a controlled setting. I told the trainers that my dogs knew their commands and what my goals were and how I trained. Both times the trainers understood and worked with me on my terms. Both trainers had reasonable fees. It was worth it, especially with my gal-dog when the trainer picked up an an err I was making in my reward timing.

The bottom line is to find someone who matches the style that works with your and your dog. See if you can sit in on a class without your dog.

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I agree that GSDs are very intelligent and a "canned", apply to all method doesn't make sense. Figure out what they respond to best.
I give my girl treats just for being there - not for doing something right. Her reward is purely the Alpha praising her when she does good or scolding her when she does bad (which is very seldom). I had a schutzhund III that his reward was a tennis ball and would do anything for it but he also responded to the alpha's praise. I would lay on the floor watching TV and my 87 lb SCHIII would snuggle. He thrived on the praise.
I'm with the go to the class without your GSD and see what they are doing but you paid for a class so... class or refund.
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NOPE- DOG ALLWAYS GET THE REWARD FOR DOING THE RIGHTTHING-you don’t teasing causes nipping then biting among other bad traits-and it’s just wrong/cruel, every informed animal trainer know that. No I wouldn’t use a squeaky ball either since it confuses him. FOR ME I don’t use anything that squeaks (imitates an attacked animal which I will not allow my dog to do-farm). He doesn’t care much for balls or toys but loves a plain old stick or the horse’s lounge whip (around in circles we go). Every dog is different. There was nothing wrong with your using a clicker. So now you know and with all the good advice from the other posts,keep your spot like they said and watch as long as you can before they kick you out and they will, always visit a few classes before you chose. Good luck

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Just a little story if you please. I had a young horse; I always greeted him with carrots. Every time I went to see my horse he would run up to me say hi and get his treats. Now imagine your horse out in a very large (think 2 football fields) with other horses-oh did I mention it was very cold and muddy? I never went into the field to get my horse and I will always reward good behavior no matter how many times the um-cowboys said it is wrong. While they trudged out there to get their horses I waited at the gate and a running my horsey came-insert laughing now. This behavior also kept him from running into the road with heavy traffic next to the farm when my friend who I allowed to ride him fell off him, I was on one of the stable'shorse in a field exercising him and called(screamed really) out to my horse he heard/saw-he came a-running back to me Thank GOD. TREAT THE GOOD BEHAVIORS my friends

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