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Jumping problems

How do I train a puppy not to jump? She jumps to say hi, to get attention, jumps if she wants something. I want to stop the jumping now before she gets any older. Another random question being 10 weeks old is feeding her twice a day too little or just right?
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She should be fed three times a day until she is six months old.

The jumping is an easy fix usually but it takes time. I simply push Genali down, give a firm NO and turn my back. She must sit AND make eye contact with me before she gets anything.

Take a small treat bag and fill it with a high value treat cut into small pieces (Genali fav is cheese). Tell your pup to sit, and as soon as she makes eye contact with you (be patient, it will happen), IMMEDIATELY say "Look" and give a treat. It only takes a little while for them to learn this. You reinforce it everytime they get something because they must "Look" to get what they want. Now if Genali wants something she will SIT and stare at me until I give her the food, toy, bone, or attention that she wants. When she does jump, I am very quick to respond with a sharp NO and I literally ignore her for a few minutes.
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You could also try attaching a drag line(no loop)to step on when she jumps.She'll yank her own neck and you don't have to say a word.Natural consequences.She doesn't have enough weight or momentum to hurt herself but she'll figure out that it's uncomfortable quickly.


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Originally Posted by dogma13 View Post
You could also try attaching a drag line(no loop)to step on when she jumps.She'll yank her own neck and you don't have to say a word.Natural consequences.She doesn't have enough weight or momentum to hurt herself but she'll figure out that it's uncomfortable quickly.
Seems pretty harsh to treat a ten week old pup like that.
Just turn around if she attempts to jump. Pet her before she does. If you happen to have treats ready, feed her one before she jumps.
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Don’t turn around, she will start jumping on you from behind which is harder to stop. I tried that and had to deal with it. Teach a reliable Sit. Watch her body movements. Before a dog jumps, the dog will usually bend down slightly to get momentum. Her ears might move. When you see her do that, instantly make her sit before she can launch. It takes good attention but it will pay off later if you can learn to read her signals now and act on them rather than reacting after she has already jumped. You want to be proactive, not reactive. Jumping is self reinforcing, so each time she jumps, she rewards herself.
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I nip this is the butt by building a ton of value for a behavior I want, like a sit, stand, down, whatever. I will use a meal and just stand and wait for the puppy to sit, if they jump I do nothing, wear some sturdy pants. At some point all four paws will be on the floor, mark and feed that a good number of treats or kibble pieces and verbally praise, then reset by tossing a treat away from you and telling the puppy to get it or give your release word so they know they can go after it. When the puppy runs back to you just repeat. Feed the behavior you want and ignore the jumping. After a few days your puppy should be offering whatever behavior you have been rewarding. Practice in all the situations that make her jump up, just make sure you actually have time to work with her. If you have company or are too busy then just crate her until you can put the time it, otherwise you are just sending mixed signals. Pretty soon she will learn that not jumping gets her what she wants must quicker, as long as you make a point of rewarding her for choosing not to jump.
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Non-verbal communication. Hands spread wide with palms facing the dog's face and walk slowly (nicely) toward the dog when looks like he wants to jump. Do NOT backup. I don't say anything. There are times when I do let my boy jump up and I always walk toward him just a bit. (Dominance always go forward not away.). I don't act aggressively or talk. If an unfamiliar dog jumps up on me, I keep my hands up and keep walking slowly into the dog--this can happen the first few times with this technique.

OR another way--turn sideways as the dog goes to jump up and walk away completely ignoring the dog. Turn back on dog.


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Just watch her weight. There is not magic number as to when to feed 2x per day. I think I stopped at about 3-4 months.

As far as the jumping, they jump because it's fun. Each time you push her off, you reward with touching her. It took me forever to remember to raise my hands so she didn't self reward. Teach her to Sit. She can't jump if she's sitting. The biggest hurdle will be the well meaning people who allow her to jump and tell you it's ok! You have to be consistent. She jumps, you turn your back with your hands in the air. She sits, she gets rewarded.

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Mine is just over 4 months now and we have about got her to stop jumping up at us. We actually did do the turn around, fold our arms, give a command SIT, then she'll come in front of us, make eye contact then sit. What works for one may not work for all, like someone else above mentioned to not turn around. Worked for us though! Our problem with her jumping now is on top of things. She's made it on top of the table and actually almost made it on top of the kitchen counter! She came crashing down on top of her water bowl, splashing it everywhere. Was actually pretty amazing and funny to see.

Someone mentioned to pay attention to their body movements and that is what we're watching for now and if we see her about to do any type of jumping onto couch, table, chair or counter we give a loud UH-UH and she immediately stops. My thought on why she is jumping on furniture/counter tops is because she constantly sees the cats doing it and we don't shoo the cats or discipline them when they jump. That makes sense to me. She is a VERY smart dog!

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I have been doing the stop just before she gets ready to jump. i am having her it before eating, sit before being let out of the crate trying to get her to understand sit equals fun.
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