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Outwitted by the pup

Kojak is a great pup, just turned 5 months old yesterday. Nice little gentleman, wonderful around people, not a destroyer, not an alligator, confident, great with dogs.

He has one problem.

He gets carsick.

It's bad. Class is an hour away, and he usually hurls on the way there. And he doesn't like it. He doesn't want to go anywhere with me. My other dogs would give their I-teeth to go with me. Wait do dogs have I-teeth?

But this little guy doesn't want to go with me, because it means driving in the car, and the car makes him sick.

So, he sneaks out the doggy door and won't come back in, and it takes me time to catch him and get him in the car. That whole time he is working himself up, so he is drooling before he ever gets in the car.

So this week I was going to get ahead of him. If I could just get him into the house before we go without that crazy build up. So I let him in to play with Quinnie several times this week. The little guy LOVES Quinnie. So this is going really, really good right. He will want to come right in.

I also went to his area and gave him food, leftovers, several times. And I went over there, just to pet his head and tell him how pretty he was.

This morning, I jumped out of bed, and got dressed, and went out there, and he knew. He darted out of the doggy door, and he would not come back in.

He can't be that smart. Not possible.

I am supposed to leave at about eight.

I ended up having to go around my house, leave Joy out to get run over by cars. And then get him out, put on the collar and leash, and go and retrieve Joy, and then put her back in her kennel, and the dog was drooling like crazy and it was 8:35.

I took him into the village, about 4 miles away. We went to the vet and he got petted by everyone, while I unsuccessfully tried to give him away.

Ah well, I tried to outwit the dog, and somehow he outwitted me.

No barf today, But we were only in the car about 10 minutes. Tomorrow, he is going to PA. We'll see.

Odie, Joy-Joy
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I had a little barfer. First I got him into the car and didn't go anywhere. Then I drove down the street and back home and we hung out in the car. I gradually increased the distance. I never fed him before a car ride. I let him look out window and left it open enough for cool air to blow on his face. He eventually outgrew it.

I can't help with him being too smart for car ride. I have no ideas.
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Since he's a puker, any ride that's dry is success.
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I had a mix that got car sick. She was compliant so I didn't have to chase her around. She eventually got over it but I treated car rides like I treat bloat prevention. No food at least an hour or more before a trip. At the vet or anyplace someone offered a treat I'd decline. Most everyone understood if all I said was, "carsick".

Doncha just love smart pups? The more they make us work the more we tend to love them.
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Silly pup! Perhaps crate or close the doggy door on days you need to train?
I don't have any advice on actually dealing with carsickness, sp thankfully other people do!
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lol, this smart at 5months ! Wait until he's 2, he'll probably be operating the microwave...
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He sounds like a smart pup!

Our pup Levi (well, a year old now, so not quite a pup anymore) gets carsick too. Classes are about 45 minutes away. I don't feed him before a trip, try to drive a bit slower and take curves gently, and I've even given him dramamine, and he still barfs on the way.

Luckily, our Forrester has a removable plastic floor in the back, so at least clean up is easy. Our vet said we could try benadryl but I haven't tried that yet. Poor guy loves his outings so much, he still jumps in the car eagerly. Interestingly, the last several times we've went into town for walks (about a 20 minute drive), he has not gotten carsick....so I am hoping, perhaps, he will grow out of it. At least we can occasionally go on short trips without a mess.
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I had a Papillon that used to drool and get carsick so bad. Nothing like getting to the show with a dog that now needs a bath before you can show her. I started handing out ginger snaps, one to each kid and one to the Pap, two ginger snaps and no more getting sick. Kids loved the solution.
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Well, we got to PA and back without barf in the car. Yay. Had to take Jenna too. I let her out of the baby gate, expecting him to come too, but he said, "heck no!" and took off through the doggy door.

I started early, hoping that if he heard the ball game, he would let his curiosity get the best of him. Didn't work. He was out there for the duration.

Finally I went out there, climbed through the window into the kennel, caught his sorry butt, put him through the window, and then up through the doggy door.

We got into the car without much drool. And I had to stop for gas at the half-way point. I let him out and kept her in, and soon we were on our way again.

He watched out the window some of the way, and then he went to sleep on Jenna's butt. He was hungry enough to eat some ginger-snaps, and yes I was passing them back to them, there and back.

If we could just not get worked up before even going to the car....

If I can get off my arse this week, I will take him into town for a short walk each day. Maybe that will help. Maybe.

The trip to PA is about 30 minutes each way. The trip to training is about 50 minutes each way. And yes, trying to keep the lurching and rapid reductions of speed to a minimum seems to help.

It really sucks to have to pay so much attention to driving because of the barfy puppy. I found myself speeding down 193 to get home, thinking that if I got pulled over, I'd be explaining that I was trying to get home before Barfy started puking. I don't think it would get me out of a ticket, but it seems as good a reason as any.

Odie, Joy-Joy
Bear Cub, Hepsi-Pepsi
Cujo2, Karma Chameleon
Ramona the Pest, Kojak -- who loves you baby?
Tiny Tinnie, Susie's Uzzi, Kaiah -- The Baby Monster.
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