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Won't stop chasing and play biting feet. What am I doing wrong?

I try to tire him out with playing both inside and outside with toys but he LOVES my feet. Chasing them and biting them. Is this the shepherd puppy in him? Will he out grow this? What can I do to help correct this behavior? If I can post a video here it is:

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Your dog thinks you are playing with him. He is barking maybe as play or as frustration that he is being pushed away from the feet. You should divert his attention to a toy that he likes and show him that it is appropriate to chew on that toy. I would play tug with him since he likes to bite and tug. If left unchecked this could pose a problem as he gets bigger/older.

This is a typical GSD behavior, he is being a puppy. If you play tug, remember that his teeth are probably sensitive and in a few weeks tugging will be painful. If continued, he will be turned off tugging and you will have a hard time getting him engaged in tugging/playing.
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I watched your video and have a bad case of puppy fever. My boy did the same thing. It was annoying and frustrating then. But now I'm looking back and thinking how stinkin cute.

One thing I picked up in the video was you said he didn't like the rain boots because he didn't get a reaction out of you. And that there is key. It is FUN for him to make you dance, to make you push or kick him off, to make you cry out in pain. These puppies seem like little sadists at times! It's hard but the most important thing is not to react when he does go after the feet. No crys. No jerking your feet away. No pushing him off. All that does is amp him up and put him into drive. I had a lot of luck with redirecting my pup. I would make him sit and then reward him with a game of tug. He eventually learned that sitting would get my attention and lead to play time and biting feet was boring - so he stopped.

One more thing. Saying "no" repetitively like that and him having no negative consequences will make him lose respect for the word. If that video is a typical example of your reaction - right now he thinks "no" is something daddy says when we are having fun! I find that "no" slips out of my mouth too easily when I am not in a position to reinforce it. So I chose a different word as a verbal reprimand. That way I have to think about what I am doing and when I do say it my pup understands he is one wrong move away from a come to jesus moment.
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I am laughing at he video. He is so cute! That is perfectly normal and my pup did that until he was 4 months or so. We called it "bite ankles game" we could not walk straight as he was always around to find our feet and fight with them! Try to enjoy it if you can because he will get out of the phase we just tried to distract him with toys etc
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So many biting puppies. You can't let him ever bite you. By not stopping it, you are allowing it. He is playing and awfully cute. Wear boots for now and work on not biting at all, not hands, not clothes. Teach him Sit. Every time he tries to bite, make him sit. He can't bite you when he is sitting and yon are out of reach. Then teach him to chase a toy and bring it back. There are good videos on early training. Stonnie works with young puppies.
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I have 3 daughters and when they come down in there slippers it's like a red rag to a bull, Sadie is nearly 13 weeks now and never touches my feet but loves having a go at the girls??

Trying to get the girls all to use the same method to distract Sadie and stop her biting any recommendations?
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Just as everyone else is saying... This is such typical GSD puppy behaviour! He's trying to play, and when he grows up he'll get out of the routine. For now when you walk around I would carry a tug-of-war toy (a rope toy with a frilly end, or even a stuffed toy) so he focuses on that instead of your feet. Rollo got out of the behaviour a little older than your puppy, but will now (he's entered the terrible teens), when super excited trying and grab ahold of any loose clothing items - long pants, skirts, shorts - you name it. So I've started carrying a squeaker around with me to divert his attention again :P
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Kinda hard to take a dog seriously when both the ears are flopped over to one side like that.
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I really appreciate the video....made me laugh and appreciate where the process starts with a normal playful pup.

You're a laid back individual which will probably serve the relationship well as time goes by.....

Ya gotta admit....you do kind of set the stage for the encounter with your pup....smart pup ya have there.

I never minded much about that phase when my arms looked like I wore barbed wire sleeves.......it was part of the process of teaching bite inhibition to my dog....my reactions were fairly genuine I'm guessing..... but even handed.

One thought....there will or should come a point in time....where your "no" or "aus" will have a bit more meaning to them....but in the mean time...enjoy your playful pup and keep tomorrow in mind.


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Lots of good advice here. All throughout your pups training, follow a No with a Yes. No, you cannot bite me, Yes we can play tug (don't shove the tug in the face. make him chase it.) We had our boy play with our hands while we work big protective leather gloves. When he got big and strong enough for that to hurt, we swapped to tugs. I admit my husband has a few favorite shirts with ripped sleeves because he still likes to bat our boy around a bit. But they have both learned what lines not to cross. That comes with maturity.

This video reminds me of when my daughter-in-law came to visit while my gal was still little. I found my daughter-in-law backed into the corner with the puppy doing a bark and hold! I laughed and told our daughter that her backing up and jumping around just made her bare toes all the more interesting. We told her to offer a toy. Even if our pup didn't take the toy, the toes became less interesting once the dancing stopped.

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