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Arrow Please some words of comfort and encouragement!

We've had our pup Vena (Vin) for 3 weeks now.. she'll be 16 weeks tomorrow.

I've only ever had one puppy before and got her MUCH earlier than this little lady.

Vin, at her previous owners was allowed to go when ever and where ever with zero training. *this is what we've gathered because we were told she was totally house trained - and OH boy, she is NOT.

What she seems to do is "mark" when she goes out potty. Only going a little bit.

She gets praise - and I've even upped it to a treat after every successful potty in the right spot outside.. even then we'll stay out for a bit because she usually goes more than once.

But she'll come back in the house and pee or poop. Every. Time.

We have only caught her once. Literally - this dog is a poop/pee Houdini!!! It seems to come out of no where!

I just don't know what to do but what I'm doing. I've thought of tethering her? Didn't know if she was too little for that?
We have another dog, he's 4 - I'm worried he's going to start going in the house too. He's never had one issue ever (we adopted him when he was 1).

Ideas? Thoughts? Or comfort?
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With both of my pups I have definitely noticed behaviors that were consistent before they would go potty. I usually just try and anticipate based off their habits. Plus I make sure to take out a lot. But yeah just giving treats when pottying outside. Always use the same phrase when Taking out to potty. If I happen to catch the pup trying to go inside a loud NO OUTSIDE NOW. Usually stops them right away then rush outside and when they would go I would just use a lot of praise and treats. Once they figure out inside = NO and outside = treats and praise they want the treats and praise. However, I have never had to untrain a dog that was allowed to go in the house. One of the reasons I don't like the potty pads. Anyway good luck.
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Also, clean all areas where she has gone in the house with a good enzime cleaner to completely clear any trace oders.
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Tethering in a good idea and she isn't to young or old for that. Crate training would be a big help for when you just can't watch for potty cues.
You have to start from scratch and take her out often. Continue to do as you are doing with the treats and praise for going outside. Eventually you will fade away the treat as she "gets it" that outside is where she needs to go potty. Consistency and patience is the key.

Also, be sure to clean up accidents in the house with an enzymatic clean. This will help prevent her or your other dog from going in the same spot in the house.

Don't worry you'll get there.
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Thank you so much!!! I thought it would be easier since I'm home all the time and can take her out so often - I think I built myself up for disappointment.

She's such a smarty otherwise.. Thank you all! I really appreciate the advice!!
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I would try to imagine her as a younger pup than she is for the purposes of house training. For a couple of days keep her crated whenever you cannot watch her. And all night. Giver her lots of interesting things to do in the crate as far as chew toys and kings, etc. The minute she gets out of the crate she goes out an d walks around, doing her business. Praise and treats when she pees outside. Play for a few minutes, a tiny bit of supervised time in the house (watch her like a hawk)- then back in the crate. You could even keep her with you on a leash so you don't forget you should be watching her when she isn't crated. It shouldn't take too long before she gets it. Poor thing that no one house trained her by now! Good luck.
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You'll get there. Keep her on a good schedule. Take her out every time she wakes up, plays hard, eats or drinks, and supervise her all the time that she is not in a tight crate. Praise, praise, praise when she does good. When she doesn't, just a quick eh! outside as you are taking her outside, IF and only IF you caught her in the act. If she goes outside the rest of the way, praise.

You'll get there. Don't worry.
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I would do what Annie Birdie said. Crate or like others told me leash attached to me inside so eyes are always on her, it eventually worked for my little pup.

I would think a starting over mind frame. Good Luck you can do this?
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I'm not sure what I have to say is going to be particularly encouraging -- puppy #5 (the current youngest), oh my! Until she came along, I had house training pups down! It was soooo easy. Well, this latest pup took at least one full year to house train. That's right 12 months. A couple of times I thought she had it -- nope. Put up a bell for her to ring - nope.

So - you are not the only one to "suffer"... Keep in mind how cute she is. Remind yourself of that.
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Have you done any crate training with her? I had very quick positive results with my pup by using a crate, but she had occasional accidents in the house though up until about 4.5 months of age. I think that if you are consistent she will definitely get it down soon. She is still a baby, sooner than later it will just click.

They are so smart and very eager to please so try and make every part of any training as positive, encouraging and fun as possible for her and you. Also, you have to catch her right in the act for her to understand her mistake.

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