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My pup is a buttface to my family!

Otto is 11 weeks old now and we have had him for 3 weeks. He is pretty decent with me. He never snaps at me and is more willing to listen to me and very rarely goes to the bathroom inside the house when I am in charge. He has really bonded. But I have a husband and 2 kids (5 years old and 14 months) and a cat and an english bulldog and he doesnt do well with any of them. He is always snapping at my oldest kid and pinning down my youngest and he always snaps at my husband. He is constantly after my cat. Thankfully my cat is long haired so he has some protection. My bully is super lazy and doesnt want to play...ever...but otto constantly wants to play and it turns into a dominance contest or something. I keep otto on a leash at all times so I can correct this behavior ASAP. How can I stop these issues? If it goes on for much longer it is going to be a problem and im feeling like a failure right now...

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Right there with ya. Except Zoe is not decent to me. She bites me and my 3 older kids like it's her job! She goes pretty easy on my younger girls and doesn't bite as much as she knocks them over and pushes them into walls. I wish I had the answer. I just continue to tell her NO and give her something to chew on. When it gets really bad she goes in the crate...and 9 times out of 10 she passes out. It's very frustrating and I definitely have moments when I too feel like a huge failure.

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Hopefully the pup gets a good amount of exercise outside? If you have a safe area off leash walks are great.

He will grow out of much of the nippiness, not that you can sit by just waiting. He also needs to learn the word 'NO'. For smaller kids I'd step in and correct the pup if he's to rough or aggressive.
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Well this is a puppy that is well on his way to killing the cat, attacking the bulldog in a year or so and possibly biting the kids!
Dogs should "never" chase a cat ever!
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Puppy stuff

This is a good way to get started on leash training:

Your going to be busy!
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Its 11 weeks old
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Originally Posted by Baillif View Post
Its 11 weeks old
The first sentence and it seems to be missed by everyone lol

Time for some misinformation yet?

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Redirect with toys and be consistent. Make the toys you use interesting, the toy needs have value to them. Use the site search bar and look up "leave it" command, lots of good threads on it. The biting does stop eventually, consistency is key.
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When my puppy was close to this age , I was close to giving him away because I thought he was going to hurt my smaller dogs when he got older. This forum told me hes just a puppy, but I felt he was really being dominant with the other dogs etc. Looking back, I can see they were right, its a puppy thing at this age. At 14 months hes the best dog Ive owned. he plays so gentle with the other dogs and kids. We did alot of work with leave it, I made sure to always have treats in my pockets. Everytime he was going after something I wanted him to leave alone, Id say leave it and then treat him, when he did. That worked wonders for me, as I could say leave it for all kind of things.

This guy has some great training videos
How to train a dog to "Leave it" - YouTube
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Thank you everyone! Since I posted this he has made great progress with my other dog. They still go at it often but they now have times where they leave each other alone which reassures me. My main concern is the cat. Otto knows what 'no' means but when the cat is near its like he can't hear me. More work to be done! Thats okay. He does really well with redirection when I catch him on time. My cat loves to bait otto. He will get as close as he can until otto just can't help himself!

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Otto the little buttface, meet Sir Otto Big Head extraordinaire.

I had to laugh because they have the same name and Otto was such a little twerp. He's still a boss dog but he's stopped chewing on children.

Get a leash for the cat work. Cats will do what they want, I have one of those too and she's a piece of work, all 6.6 lbs of her thinking she's going to beat up a german shepherd. If Otto's not biting the cat, they'll work it out. My 14 month old loves to chase the cat. When she catches the cat, she just licks her. If Otto's not doing THAT, you need to just step on the leash and say NO firmly. Sometimes time out and shaming works.

Little times out for being bad puppy. Sometimes they're just bad because they're ramped up and need a nap. I used to put my Otto in the kitchen for TO and come back 5 minutes later to him sound asleep. You have a human toddler, you know the tired tirade.

Just NO to tackling the baby. TO and shame.

Get Dad and the 5 year old a couple boodah tugs so they can interact in a positive way with the pup (you have to let them win). If you don't have any booda tugs, cut up a piece of fleece blanket. 3 strips of fleece about 2 ft long and braid it together with knots on the ends. Perfect tug.


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