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Runs from me if she knows she is in trouble

Sierra has picked up a new habit of running from me if she know she is in trouble. This happens inside and out, not so much out anymore as the long line works great outside for stopping her. Trouble means a crate time out or time on her leash. I will ask Sierra to stop whatever she is doing(bothering a cat or whatever)using leave it or other command and if she doesnt respond I will go grab her and follow through with the punishments above.

Since she is a smart little girl she has figured out that if I can't grab her she avoids punishment at least for a few minutes. She goes into ZOOM mode and will run all over the house and get very close to me to test me but If i even move an inch or look at her she will zoom off again. At first I would walk after her and attempt to catch or even rasie my voice. Now I stand still or go about other business waiting for this to pass. When I feel confident that I can grab her i do so and follow through with punishment which sometimes 3 or 4 minutes after the original infraction.

My question is what can I do to improve this/stop this? I know its an issue cause now it has carried over into if she has a high value item like a treat sometimes she will run away if I simply walk up to pet her.
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Your puppy is playing with you, stop this particular game.


Do not give her a command that you cannot enforce immediately. For now, she has not earned the right to run all over the house. She does not understand LEAVE IT. Usually if the dog starts running from you, if you run in the other direction, the dog will turn and chase, kool use the handle and catch her. But do not make a game of it.

But the first thing is, she has to be a whole lot better at LEAVE IT, and maybe an emergency DOWN, before you let her off lead. What happens if she gets a hold of a bottle of IB profin? If you have a solid DOWN, you can then walk up to her and collect the bottle and then release her -- normally in this situation, I would say, What a good Girl, lets get you a treat -- that is praising for the down and giving up the bottle. Then you walk with her to the fridge and give a piece of cheese or other high value treat.

But for now, when she is out, she has a lead on, until she learns to leave the cat alone, will do a LEAVE IT. Will do a DOWN. Then you can give her some time.

I do NOT like the idea of the crate for punishment. Do you have an x-pen? When you cannot supervise, use an x-pen right in the front room where she can play and be a part of the house and family, but you do not have to have your eyes glued on her. So when you let her out of her special play area. If you are done interacting, put her in her special place.

I do not like all this talk about punishment. First a dog has to know the command, then they have to know the command when you are sitting, in different places, in different levels of distractions. Even then, punishment makes little sense. A quick well-timed correction (usually a voice EH!) is enough or redirect, My Kitty, here is your bone -- that may work. Or you then put her back on lead.

A correction or punishment does nothing after the fact. If it takes a minute or more to round up the dog, the dog has NO CLUE why you are angry. He will NOT associate chasing the cat to being put in his crate. He might think cool, mom is playing with me, and after we play we have a nap in the crate. 3 minutes after -- no, he is just having fun. He may be avoiding being put back in the crate. He has NO skills to realize that he can avoid crate time by leaving the cat alone.

When the pup is ON LEAD, and he starts to go for the Kitty, THEN you correct with an EH! at first redirect him, and then give him a chance to redirect himself after the EH! and if he does praise, if he does not redirect.

Put him in the crate or in the x-pen when you are calm. It his his good place. Not a punishment place.

Good luck.

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The thread should be titled "Runs from me when she knows I'm upset".

You're attributing understanding that the puppy simply isn't capable of possessing.
She knows that you do unpleasant things [punishment, as you've called it] when you're upset, and so she avoids it.

She has no understanding of what causes you to be upset, she's just avoiding the inevitable unpleasant things you do to her when you are.

Rather than punish the puppy, set the puppy up for success by managing the environment in ways that don't allow for the pup to get into trouble, and focus on redirecting the pup to appropriate behaviors rather than punishing for negative ones.

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Is it possible your pup is afraid of you when you're upset? My guys run from my husband when he's upset and it's not because they're playing but rather because they are genuinely fearful of him when he's upset. I've had to work with my husband on this because he doesn't get it. They don't have this problem with me though. It's just a thought. Your dog might just be playing as Selzer mentioned.

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What selzer said.
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I do use my crate for my time out as well and my dogs do not have any negative association with it.
If she is doing something wrong, correct with your voice. If she is running from you after you correct her, keep her on leash at all times or at the very least keep a leash attached to her so you can catch her.
From what you're describing it doesn't sound like your puppy is scared at all. She is just playing with you and ignoring the behavior is a good call on your part. Try to stay calm because what SchDDR says is also true.
However, it is really too late to put her in a time out for what she did before so there is no use telling her she is a bad girl for that. What you can do is say "Crate time!" in a cheery voice and put her in a crate for a nap; zoomies are a good indicator that your puppy may be overtired. I always know that shortly after zoomies comes a nice long nap. If the puppy is getting into things she usually doesn't or is being overly rambunctious, it could be another sign that a nap is in order.
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Great post Selzer!

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Sierra loves her crate. It is an excellent time out(punishment) whatever you want to call it when she is all amped up. Yes, she runs from me beacuse she has disobeyed a command and knows that will end in crate time or on leash in the house with me. As she didnt go into zoom/run mood before i started the or leash or crate time. She would sometimes do the same thing cause she was hyper and just palying. She may know I am upset and that I am working on to never show her, but i think we have all been there!! But it is definitely a game to her as well as she almost taunts me to reach out grab her but i have since learned better. HEHE. There are times when I ask for the leave it with kitties and she trots up to me looking for her reward. 70% of the time she listens. SO i know she gets it she just doesn't always make the right choice as a lot of teenagers do. I do use the verbal "ehhh" sound with her as well sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. Usually works best if i use it before she is too into something.

I also just want to clear up what I do as "punishment" is walk up and clip a leash on or grab her by her collar and walk her to her crate. I do not say a word while i do it. There is no scolding. Besides the leash in the house what else can I do? Will not chasing and saying a word help her get the idea that I am not into palying that game?
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I should also mention that my cats play with her sometimes. I just will not allow the chasing or bugging them while they are resting or whatever.
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Lots of good advice, thank you. My little guy was doing the same thing. He would run around circles around the table and he's so fast I couldn't catch him. Now when he starts doing that I just ignore him and he loses interest. He already knew that I was upset at whatever it was he did because I would say so "NO" or "Drop it". At first he would take off running WITH whatever he had that he shouldn't have. Now that I just ignore him, after my initial drop it, he knows I'm not playing the game and he just drops it. Also, now, I always use my "happy-good-boy" voice whenever I call him to me until he completely understands the "Come" command.

So much to learn! So worth it!

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