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So actually these wolf dogs are only bred for the looks, something the OP is against.
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If you are looking for help and direction, here is my advice - join a club, train our dog, and see how he stacks up against basic working ability and requirement. THEN decide if you want to continue in the direction you want to go.


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Ok, so I have gotten a lot of replies and I am going to try to get through them all. Regarding the skiddish thing, he tends to take more to warm up to new people than most dogs. Which is inline with the acceptable temperment of the breed. You have to go into owning that type of dog knowing they are different than most dogs, and that came right from the breeder, who does breed good lines.

There are no Vlcak owners in my state engaging in IPO. I would like to see how he does in a variety of situations with a variety of people. He has a very strong drive and at minimum, it would be good for him mentally, if nothing else. If it proves he is a strong dog, great, if not, I still love him the same.

Agility would work well for him, I can see that instinct in him for sure, and he is a fast little bugger LOL.

I agree completly CastleMaid, this is not something I am going to do tomorrow. I am getting feedback and mapping out a plan. I was in the Military, so I am a big fan of plans and having it laid out.

I do not want to do something foolish.
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a skittish dog doesn't have the basic temperament to even begin IPO training. That is one of the first things checked. The pressure of the helper could easily turn a skittish dog into a fear-biter, which would carry over into the dog's day-to-day life
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Originally Posted by BrutalSS View Post
I do not want to do something foolish.
Glad to hear this!

Besides breeding these dogs being questionable (comments from seasoned breeders) the following are some points to consider.

This was written for GSD's. Some of these points may not apply, but it gives you the general idea of what breeding responsibly involves.
This is the whole article:

German shepherd Breeders, German shepherd Breeder


It is extremely important to learn the facts and possible consequences in advance if you are contemplating breeding your dog. In today’s overcrowded world, we-the wardens of our domestic pets – must make responsible decisions for them and for ourselves. Please review the following points carefully.

QUALITY: SV registration is Not an indication of quality. Most dogs, even purebred, should not be bred. Many dogs, though wonderful pets, have defects of structure, personality or health that should not be perpetuated. Breeding animals should be proven free of these defects BEFORE starting on a reproductive career. German Shepherd Breeding should only be done with the goal of IMPROVEMENT – an honest attempt to create puppies better than the sound, wonderful parents they come from. ignorance is NO excuse! Once you have created a life, you can’t take it back - even if it’s blind, crippled or a canine psychopath!

COST: German Shepherd Dog breeding is NOT a money making proposition, if done correctly. Health care and shots, diagnosis of problems and advance genetic testing to determine quality and breedability, extra food, proper facilities, stud fees, advertising, etc. are all costly and must be paid BEFORE you sell any pups. An unexpected Caesarean or emergency intensive care for a sick pup, or even a litter of sick pups as often happens with parvo, will make break – even litter become a BIG liability.

SALES: First-time German Shepherd breeders have no reputation and no referrals to help them find buyers. Previous promises of “I want a dog just like yours” evaporate. Consider the time and expense of caring for pups that may not sell until 4 month, 8 months, or longer…what WOULD you do? Send them to the pound? Dump them in the country? Sell them cheap to a dog broker who may resell them to research labs or other unsavory buyers? Veteran German Shepherd breeders with a good reputation often don’t even think about breeding unless they have people waiting for the puppies, with cash deposits in advance for an average-sized litter.

JOY OF BIRTH: If you’re doing it for the children’s education, remember the whelpling may be at 3 AM, or at the vet’s on the surgery table. Even if the kids are present, they may get the chance to see the birth of a monster or a mummy, or watch the dog they love scream and bite you as you attempt to deliver a pup that is half out and too large some bitches are not natural mothers, and either ignore or savage their whelps. Bitches can have severe delivery problems, or even die in whelp. German Shepherd Pups can be born dead, or with gross deformities that require euthanasia. Of course there can be joy, but if you can’t deal with the possibility of tragedy, don’t breed.

TIME: Veteran German Shepherd breeders of quality dogs state they spend well over two hours a day, every day, for months, to raise an average litter. The bitch CANNOT be left alone while whelping, and only for short periods for the first few day after. Be prepared for days off work and sleepless nights. Even after delivery, mom needs care and feeding, pups need daily checking, weighing, socialization, and later grooming and training, and the whelping box needs lots and lots of cleaning. More hours are spent with paperwork, pedigrees and interviewing buyers. If you have any abnormal conditions such as sick puppies or a bitch who can’t or won’t care for her babies, count on double the time. If you can’t provide the time, you will either have dead pups or poor ones that are bad tempered, antisocial, antisocial, dirty and/or sickly – hardly a buyer’s delight.

HUMANE RESPONSIBILITIES:It’s midnight…do you know where your German Shepherd puppies are? There are more than FIVE MILLION unwanted dogs put to death in pounds in this country EACH year, with million more dying homeless and unwanted of starvation, disease, from automobiles, abuse, etc. A quarter or more of the victims of this unspeakably tragic situation are purebred dogs “with papers. “ The German Shepherd breeder who creates a life is responsible for the life. Will you carefully screen potential buyers? OR will you say “yes” and not think about that little German Shepherd puppy you held and loved now having a litter every time she comes in heat, which fills the pounds with MORE statistics – YOUR grandpups? Would you be prepared to take back a grown puppy if the owners could no longer care for it?Or can you live with the thought that the baby YOU caused to be brought into this world will be destroyed at the pound?

Best of luck with your pup!
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Thank you for the reply Momto2GDS, I really appreciate it.

I definitely agree with everything you said, that's why I'm going at this in a slow deliberate fashion to get information from more experienced people than myself. I'm here for knowledge and will take any credible advice given/knowledge shared seriously.

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