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Is your GSD healthy?

My GSD has quite a few auto-immune conditions that affect her quality of life. When I asked my vet if my dog seemed to be typical of GSDs health-wise, my vet said that most of the GSDs she sees have similar issues, and it starts young. She did say, however, that my dog may have more issues than the average.

I'm curious if your dog is relatively healthy? And if so, how old is s/he?

If your dog has health issues, what are they, and at what age did they start?

My dog has SIBO, IgA deficiency, Plasmoma, Discoid Lupus, Cauda Equina and some other things that don't affect her quality of life much but do require medication or management.

Thanks so much for sharing!
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Wick has food allergies and seasonal allergies both of which have cause issues (eye infections, hot spots, itching, soft stools, continuous sneezing/runny nose). He is 7 months, and with a switch of food and relocation (for job) and some supplements he has not had any issues in a few months.
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Mine is healthy @ 13 months old. No problems
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Robyn will be 4, every now and then her eyes water and I apply a couple drops and she is good for a long time. Midnite will be 3, had allergies but not really anymore, but his ear is red at the moment(pretty sudden)and I'm getting some drops for him. Apollo is almost a year without any issues.

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My last Gsd had EPI,other than that I have owned five perfectly healthy Gsds.


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Nikki is my second sick GSD, she is 5.5 years old

EPI - symptoms started at one year old
SIBO & B12 Deficiency - related to her EPI
IBD - also diagnosed at one year old
Atopy/Food Intolerance - signs started when she was just a puppy
Acid Reflux - this started about three years ago
Anal Gland problems - started when she was around six months old. We had to have them surgically removed in 2013

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Thank you, everyone, so far for your replies! I hope many others reply because I so love this breed, and I think my husband and I are a good fit for them as well.

Wick: I'm intrigued with your reply. You say when you moved, you noticed allergies subsiding. Did you change the food at the same time, or were you able to isolate your dog's change as a result of a new environment?

I ask because when we moved from coastal desert to the Pacific Northwest, my Brittany gradually developed severe allergies I could no longer manage as I had before. She had to go on strong medications to control chronic bronchitis and eventually I had to use a steroid inhaler for her. But when I took her back down to coastal desert, it was clear she improved. And now, I am beginning to develop allergies, never having had issues before in my life, but I'd always lived in the desert-type climate.

And my GSD is now having much more trouble with her eyes beginning in spring and into summer, so I've decided to take her down to California soon to see if she improves. We are beginning to wonder if we might have to move back.
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Argh! I meant to say I'm really happy for those of you who have few if any issues. Yeah!

Heidigsd, ah, my heart goes out to you and your dogs. For me, watching my dog suffer and not being able to fix it is as bad as her being sick and suffering. I wonder if I even suffer more than she does! Things stabilized for Sorrel eventually. thankfully. Wishing you both luck as time passes.
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My dogs are all relatively healthy.

Nix- 2+ years, no health issues-good hips great dog

Lena-10yr. Has an overgrowth of helicobacter in her stomach. So she bloats if not on meds. And by bloat I mean 2x a day. Was terrifying at first. Not a genetic issue. It's acquired. But other than a very few medical issues (occasional UTI and ear infections- 1 every few years) very healthy.

Phoster-my labrador, has idiopathic epilepsy. Has a seizure about once a year. Other than that she is healthy. Occasional ear issue(she is a lab) and a "happy tail".

Ike(RIP)- pano as a pup, then perfectly healthy until Hemangiosarcoma took him at 10yo.

Hanah(Rip) UTI and Localized Demodex as a pup. Then perfectly healthy until we PTS at 16yo. Toward the end she had a mild heart murmur and mild kidney dysfunction. Nothing weird based on her age.

"So that others may live"

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Fourteen months old and perfectly healthy.

She took some time to "grow into her gut" and we did have some tests done to be safe, but they came back normal.
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