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Question Inside vs Outside dog for Me?

Hi all
I recently booked a male pup from a breeder.... I have a few questions and suggestions. A little background may help:
I'm 32 and live in melbourne, Australia in a suburb. I dont need a working GSD as I have no sheep or livestock or a huge property for my pup to work. All I need is a loving loyal, healthy good looking male GSD. Why GSD u ask? cause I beleive thats the only dog I have ever loved and liked and then ofcorse Labs. Coming back to the point.
I have a medium to Large back yard. I have two kids 3 and 5 yrs. My wife doesnt like dogs to come inside the house she believes its more work as in vacuuming and all that. My brother who lives with me has an older DOG(Male Bull Arab(an australian Breed) x Mastiff) who is around 2.7 yrs old. His dog is an outside dog. I work around 7-8 hrs a day on a 5 day week schedule. My wife and kids stay home. I come home from work take spend the time indoors.
My concern is I want the pup to develop a strong bond with my family and specifically with me.
So am trying to figure out if I bring him up as an outside dog will he still have that level of bonding as an inside dog. Cause I was thinking when I am out at work he will spend time outside with the other dog, when I am home I want him with me all the time. Will this not confuse the pup? Is it fair on his part to be moved outside during day and inside during night while am awake and outside to sleep in his kennel?
Please share your thoughts on this idea.

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Admin or Moderators, My apologies could you please move this to the appropriate forum topic?
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They can adapt to whatever you decide. If you are consistent with your routine this will be normal for your dog. I keep mine indoors, they go outside for bathroom breaks, play and exercise. Imop its best to keep them where ever you are going to be, if you are indoors then so should your dog. They do best when they are with their people. I have kids and they are bigger mess makers than my dogs.
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I have had gsd's my entire life, and my parents before me, and my grandparents before that. imho, the german shepherd dog is an indoor dog who does best and develops to their full capacity when they are with their people. again, just my personal opinion/experience, that it's actually a disservice to a shepherd to require him/her to live outside. if your wife is worried about the work that goes along with having a dog in the house, that could be a problem. again, jmho, but the work required is more than made up for by the sheer joy these dogs bring into your life. they are brilliant and seldom does anyone change to another breed, once they've had one. and one is hardly ever enough, lolol...

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Thank you, Katieliz and Nigel for your valuable suggestions

Katieliz : Yes she is worried about her work, But like I said he is my dog so I told her that I will take care of the work involved. So she is fine with that. I know(I read) that they shed a lot and require brushing often and require lot of excercise training and obedience...

Nigel: I thought that may the case and you have confirmed it. If a routine is followed then they may adapt to it. point noted.

Would you suggest any website for learning more about the breed as in training required and excerise tips. thanks.

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I think you should have your dog indoors with your family- he will protect your wife and kids while you are at work. There is another thread going on right now where some robbers pushed past the posters neighbor to break into her house when she opened the door. Yes, dogs do shed and require some cleaning up after them but I love the peace of mind that comes with having protective dogs.
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I have two GSDs and my girl will not stay outside. She will go out for potty breaks and to play but cannot be left out during the day when we are at work as she will escape. She is a Houdini to the extreme!! So she is inside, she has access to a deck and plenty of water and adapted just fine.
My boy however loves it outside, and sometimes its hard to get him back inside! He loves being around us though so when we are home, they are both inside. They also sleep indoors, what's the point of having the protection of two GSDs if they are locked outside if someone breaks in when you are home?
There is more work but I find as long as they are brushed regularly, the amount of hair indoors is not too bad. When they blow their coat is another story but it is very manageable, plus the joy and companionship you get from them outweighs the hair anyway.

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woohoo another Aussie!
which state are you in?
with the beautiful weather here you will find dogs are happy and comfortable living outside and especially if it has another dog companion to play with.
which breeders did you go with if you dont mind me asking?
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Dogs adapt to our routines. After a while your dog will begin to notice that during the day he should be outside and will know that when you arrive home he will be welcomed inside.
If your dog enjoys being indoors (probably will, since family is indoors too), then he will see your arrival home from work as a good thing and will probably welcome you with all that anxious and excitement dogs have towards their owners arrival. In other words this will most likely further strengthen your bond.

Hope it helps, John.
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I'll go as far as to say if you decide on an outside dog, don't get a GSD. GSDs are people dogs and not allowing them maximum people time is borderline abuse for them. I'm not a crazy overly protective dog person either, it's just that this breed thrives on human contact.

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