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Sorry to hear about your billy jean and congrats on the new addition to the family he will keep the heart pumping. They sure do know how to make cats vanish. Good to have a separate area where the cats can get to so they can feel safe. All our older cats had passed away but we have this one cat who is sweet but a grand spook who never comes around and when she does she looks she is a slinky shadow so it is constant reminders and work for the dogs to leave her alone when she wants to come around. We use to have parakeets and they were mostly in the cage and in the office upstairs not often out with us. I found it Max never really got used to the parakeets because of that separation and would be hyper focused on them when he was around them. Our newest addition to the family is a moustache parakeet a small parrot who is often out of his cage - well supervised. He is always around us and a big part of the family and the dogs gradually became very used to the bird. Even if the bird decides to take a short fly the dogs ignore him. Max would get uptight if the bird was on my shoulder or nibbled my finger before he climbed on but now is relaxed about it. We keep the cage in another room that can be separated but my daughter always has the bird loose on a perch wherever we are and the dogs completely ignore the bird. All this was done with leave it and small reminders until there was none needed and again there is always supervision when the bird is loose. Leave it and even if the dog needs to be leashed around the bird at first until he settles in and is taught the rules of the house.

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Originally Posted by lotsofspareparts View Post
It's like watching Gary Coleman scream at Arnold Schwarznegger.
Dude, I literally snorted orange juice out of my nose when I read this comment. Friggin' hilarious!!
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OP, congrats. Your dog's story is the story of many, many adolescents -- cute as puppies but overwhelming to unprepared buyers once they got big and strong, so they end up in shelters as confused youngsters.

Take things slowly at home with your small dog, even though they got along well at the shelter. Read up about the "two-week shut down" as a method of introducing a new dog into a home -- it can avoid many problems (and some dogs need only a week).

Originally Posted by Springbrz View Post
I'm just curious why the shelter is not letting you have his AKC papers. He will be neutered so you won't be able to breed him.
There's supposedly a market for bad breeders to buy the papers and forge registrations for whatever litters they've got from some other unregistered dog under this dog--even though this dog didn't sire them because he's neutered, and they're not the former owner. I don't know the details of how it works, but apparently some shelter director busted people doing it.

When we get registered dogs in rescue, I take the step of calling the AKC and telling them to put a note in the dog's file that it's speutered and no future litters should be registered under it, but they make it really hard to do that (and they're so indifferent that I'm never sure they're not saying, "Yeah sure, whatever" to get off the phone without even updating the file).

The shelter mightlet you take a phone pic or photocopy of the pedigree (with a post-it to redact the former owner's name) so that you could research the dogs behind him, if you explain how helpful it is for health and training to know something about genetics in this breed.
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I appreciate everyone's comments and wanted everyone to know that I feel I am the lucky one in this situation.

A quick update... My mind struggled to stay on task at work today so I was forced to listen to my music a little louder and run on autopilot. My heart was hurting at the thought of him being kenneled for the few hours he was. My father says it is tough to think about but Jake and I will both get used to it.

He is ignoring my bird for the moment...... that is a plus. Problem with that is she like to get down off her cage and come beg for attention. Sooo.... Her cage is behind our recliner and couch and I have the areas Jake can fit through cordoned off with chairs from the kitchen...... although he can jump right over the arm of the recliner and end table like they aren't even there. I think she's okay for the time being and I don't believe he means any harm.... he just wants to play.

The cats. I put my buddy "Tucker" up on the fridge and although Jake stared at him for a minute he didn't freak out or try to knock the fridge over. We decided to move the cat food to the top of our dresser and will be picking up a cat door sliding glass door insert thing. I am certain he doesn't want to harm the cats.... he just wants to play.

Had him outside today off leash, we ran and played and tossed a tennis ball around. We live at the end of a dead end road with only 1 other house and zero traffic. He finally pooped. That had me a little concerned. My wife used to work at North Cascade Veterinary Hospital and had the theory that he might not poop when he is on a leash. He never got more than a tennis ball toss length away from me and he ran up and sat in front of the door when he was ready to go back in.

Took his cone of shame off under my wife's instruction. If he licks tell him NO, if he doesn't stop, put the cone on him. He is ignoring his stiches entirely.

We have started working on some commands and strengthening the commands he knows..... He is kind of freaking me out at how fast he picked up lay down and stay. Stay needs a little more work but he gets it.

Figured I would post a few more pictures as well.

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Day 3.

Jake had a pretty active day yesterday. After I got home from work, he and I spent almost the rest of the day outside tossing sticks and tennis balls.

After some recent heavy rains, and because we have a lot of clay in our soil, our side yard on the house will hold water for a few days after it rains for a few days. we call them the great lakes. Anyways..... Jake discovered the great lakes!! Wet dog much?? He must have run back and forth at wide open throttle a dozen times. He would drop his tennis ball in the water and bob it with one of his paws. I had him wore out.

Bought him the largest wire kennel that our local co-op sells...... which was cheaper than the exact same one at Pet-Co by $100. I've always shopped at Pet-Co in the past but our Pet-Co store is a satellite location and doesn't carry the variety that the bigger stores carry. Besides the fact you can't buy fish at the Co-Op..... they have a much larger pet products selection. Food, Toys, Treats, etc. Seems like everything was 1/2 priced over Pet-Co.

Decided to have my MIL and FIL come to the house last night to meet Jake. Now I am regretting not meeting them at a neutral location. He barked and barked and barked. When he wasn't barking he was grumbling. No hair standing up, no super tucked tail, he looked normal and non-aggressive.......... he just barked!!! There was the customary hand sniffing. It wasn't until near end of our hour visit that he started to settle down and took up residence on the couch next to me. As soon as they got up to leave he was at it again!! I was not expecting him to be so vocal.

Me and my dad are meeting up today at a field up near his house so Jake can meet "Elkie". Elkie is my dads 2 year old female GSD.

I will report back this evening or tomorrow on the results of "The Encounter" as I am calling it.

And of course.... more pictures.

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Well my father being the smart guy he is..... decided we should go up to the Port of Skagit County and walk the trails with the dogs. And what a great idea it really was. Lots of random noises, airplanes, trucks, cars, joggers, bicycles, other dogs, etc. It made it an environment that makes it hard to really focus on one certain thing and the dogs did great together. I was so excited with my fathers praise and with how Jake was doing that I spaced taking any pictures. He barked at Elkie in the beginning, they sniffed and did there thing and then they were good. Every so often Jake would just randomly start barking at my dad. Dad came prepared with some milk bones in his pocket and the world would start spinning again.

He was surprised at how well the dogs were behaving with each other on our 2 hour stroll around the airport. It appears to my father and as I suspected that Jake just needs more socialization. He commented that even when Jake was barking that it wasn't aggressive at all, more nervous barking than anything else. He gave me some good tips on how to help Jakes behavior as well. Distraction, soft talk, hands on the dog to soothe, and Jake was fine again. 99% of the time Jake was as cool as a cucumber. The gals at the shelter did mention that he seemed to like women more than men but my father said there is no denying that Jake knows he is MY dog. We will be setting up regular walks as the weather permits..... I talked to my father more today than I have in the last 2 years. I don't like that we don't talk often...... but life does happen to all of us eventually. Truthfully and unfortunately my family has always been the type to get together on the holidays and almost ignore each other the rest of the time. Communication has gotten more frequent since the invention of the "Text Message"..... I swear nobody really talks anymore.

Jake is currently passed out on the couch next to me quietly snoring :-)

I feel so blessed to have him.

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I wouldn’t advice having your hands on the dog when he is barking....that would be rewarding the behavior

My shepherd does the same barking thing in the house...usually lasts a few minutes only but she will bark again if they stand up. It’s a fearful anxious behavior.
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Originally Posted by konathegsd View Post
I wouldn’t advice having your hands on the dog when he is barking....that would be rewarding the behavior

My shepherd does the same barking thing in the house...usually lasts a few minutes only but she will bark again if they stand up. It’s a fearful anxious behavior.
I can look at it that way as well, but I can also say that it was working. My father was giving an explanation for everything he was having me do and he said that by rubbing his chest and shoulders it is a soothing distraction. That coupled with softly saying "it's ok" in repetition. It is like giving a treat for a good deed as far as he associates the "it's OK" to the soothing rubbing that he is getting and eventually I won't have to rub him down, a simple "It's OK" will suffice...... just like not giving them a treat every time they obey a command after they learn the command. I can honestly say that it was working and towards the end of the trail he was no longer barking at people walking or bicycling past us. A few times my dad said "wow", good job Jared.

Jake is a little nervous still. I don't know exactly what his previous circumstances or living environment were and it will take him a little time to realize that he has nothing to fear from anyone.

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