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  1. Rey and her buddy Mr. Jake
  2. Update on Blade
  3. Just got my new German Shepherd puppy!
  4. My big boy!
  5. Lola Bear
  6. Kilo at 15 weeks!
  7. Happy Halloween!
  8. George and Gracie
  9. Show me your 8 week old puppies
  10. New family member
  11. Let's see that adorable dogwear!
  12. Let's see your dogs with their kitty friends!
  13. New pics of genali
  14. My tiger 8 weeks old
  15. Roxi!!!
  16. Pleas help me to identify those are pure bred had or not?
  17. Greetings from Az
  18. Our new Puppy Aang
  19. Show Me Your GSD Hiking Pictures
  20. KILO, OUR new GSD
  21. Show Me Your GSD Snow Pictures
  22. Miss Nova 8 weeks old
  23. New member
  24. What?s the difference about Blanketback and saddle
  25. What color is she??
  26. Lolli saying hello from colorful Colorado!
  27. Game Day!
  28. SHOW ME your big females(and males)
  29. My boy
  30. First Time Owner
  31. Bear and I became members of
  32. SHOW ME your accidental derp faces!
  33. My "pack" babies
  34. What coat
  35. SHOW ME your Pack!
  36. Show me your 2015 autumn pictures
  37. SHOW ME your dog yawning!
  38. Gunner
  39. Show me your GSDs in training
  40. Archie boy 14 months.
  41. Show me your Sables puppy to adult pics!
  42. SHOW ME - LC Black & Sable
  43. SHOW ME your bad dog.
  44. SHOW ME - Those saddle backs!
  45. Show Me Your Landsharks!!
  46. Show me: 22 inch GSD!
  47. Show me your black gsd
  48. Bandit and his parents
  49. Show Me Your Dog's Head Skin Pulled Back.
  50. Tis the season
  51. SHOW ME - your longhair GSD!
  52. It's that time of the year again! Show me your tree!
  53. Show me those crazy dog faces
  54. Show me your Shepherds playing
  55. Kizzy and Baby Deer video
  56. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Show Me Your Halloween Pics
  57. Show Me Your NON- GSD'S
  58. Show me : Snuggle !!
  59. Show me your Autumn 2014 pictures!
  60. Show Me your bling!
  61. Wild bird helps Summer celebrate 14 week bday!
  62. SHOW ME your UNDIES!
  63. Show Me: One Up, One Down (Ears)
  64. Show me that you look like your pup!
  65. Show me your sables as puppies and adults...
  66. SHOW ME your GSD in costumes/holiday attire!
  67. SHOW ME those black and red GSD
  68. Show me your SABLES!!!
  69. SHOW ME your black coat/black blanket puppies!!
  70. Show me - Your Puppy from behind looking back !!
  71. Show me that you love your dog!
  72. Show Me your swimming dogs
  73. Show me your fave puppy pics
  74. Show me your recreated side-by-side puppy pictures!
  75. Show me your......
  76. SHOW ME your dogs at work
  77. Show me where you sit!!!
  78. Show me your pup in an up-dog or down-dog: yoga style!
  79. Show me your dog training vehicle set up!
  80. Ears up!!
  81. Quiet Time for Jake.
  82. Show me your pup right now!
  83. Show me-GSDs (past & present) with "their kids"
  84. Show Me Your GSD Videos!
  85. Current photo!
  86. Show me your pup N you: selfie style!
  87. Tonyk & Keota
  88. chakis & bisel
  89. my 3 sheps
  90. Let's see those "Couch Potatoes!"
  91. SHOW ME you pups in dreamland
  92. Show Me Your GSD Camping!!!
  93. Show me your Wassssup GSD!
  94. Show me your dog at his/her worst...
  95. SHOW ME...Your GSD`S in water
  96. SHOW ME your sable coat changes!
  97. Show me your 5 month olds!
  98. Let's See Your Dog with His/Her Favorite Toy.
  99. Some Pics of Jake!
  100. SHOW ME your dog (puppy) at 7 months
  101. Cute Pics
  102. SHOW ME your GSD as....
  103. I decided to change my Avatar pic. What do you think?
  104. Show me your embarrassing puppy moments!!
  105. show me..your gsd's big NOSE
  106. Show me those west german WL Gsds :O
  107. Your pup and it's parents, pictures please!
  108. SHOW ME THOSE Yawning GSD's
  109. Show Me Your GSD and small dogs!
  110. You me you GSD in Black & White
  111. Show me you!
  112. Merry Christmas from Jake!
  113. Show me your dog (puppy) at 6 months
  114. Show me his/her musculature!
  115. Show us your GSD with their Pack Mates!
  116. Show me those silly sleepers!
  117. She me those smiles and teeth!
  118. Jake's on a Diet!
  119. Some Pics Of Jake taken on todays walk!
  120. Show me your pup with his gsd mentor
  121. your dogs in the mountains
  122. Hoby at 5 months
  123. My jack from 1st day till 8 months old
  124. Show me your JGenehof dog!
  125. Ozzy in "his" chair ha ha
  126. Show me your German Shepherds with unique animals.
  127. SHOW ME Your NON-SABLE working line dogs
  128. A few new pictures nothing special
  129. Show me a Head Shot of your GSD
  130. Show me your Dogs Cuddling Together!
  131. SHOW ME your water lovers!
  132. Show me your Long Coated GSDs
  133. SHOW ME your agility dogs!
  134. SHOW ME: Your dogs playing together!
  135. Show me those dreaded bath pictures.
  136. Mikey at 9 weeks old
  137. SHOW ME your dog being nosy!
  138. Show ME you when you first got your dog!
  139. Our new VHH LC baby!
  140. Show me Red&Black+Sable Mix :)
  141. Ruby.. So beautiful
  142. 17 weeks
  143. Show Me your Battle Scars!
  144. Show me YOUR Germelhaus GSD!
  145. Show me how your GSD is keeping cool
  146. Show Me ... Cone of Shame !
  147. Show me your first German Shepherd
  148. Show me your dog on a walk
  149. Show me the new group of youngters
  150. Black n red
  151. Show me your FLIRT POLES
  152. A few more pics of my big boy Zeus
  154. Show me some of your favorite threads on this forum!
  155. SHOW ME...teepee ears :D
  156. Show me: LC pups stacked then and now!
  157. SHOW ME... newborn gsd puppies!
  158. Show me those tails!
  159. Show me your ten month old.
  160. Bear at 18 months ( pic heavy)
  161. What is Abby?
  162. Bubblywubbly pictures 10 months :)
  163. Show me Pups on the move!
  164. My dog's ears still didnt stand up and he is 5 months old
  165. Kona at 9 weeks!
  166. Show me your saddle backs at nine months.
  167. Does anyone have a dog from Munster Abbey?
  168. What type of Shepherd is Duke?
  169. Show me those tongues!
  170. Our Dogs, Then and Now.
  171. show me your pack of dogs!!
  172. Show me some hiking photos
  173. Show me those husky, gsds, and hybrids!
  174. Show me your snow dogs
  175. Show me those wet doggies!
  176. Show me your WHITE gsds!
  177. Show me your all BLACK gsds!
  178. Show me those BLACK and TAN gsds!
  179. Show me those SABLE gsds!
  180. Picture frenzie! Just post any of your dogs!!! Gsds puppies anything!
  181. Show me your sleepy puppies!
  182. Show me those puppy eyes!!!!
  183. Show me those big eared pups!!!
  184. Show me your Gentle Giant!
  185. Show me YOU on your "horse" of sorts...
  186. Show me your Dog's Bed
  187. SHOW ME those puppy dog eyes begging for attention!
  188. Show me your crazy action shots!
  189. Show me: Your dog carrying two things at once!
  190. Show me your SMALL FEMALES
  191. Show me your Shepherd HERDING!
  192. Show me pictures of your MOMMY TO BE!
  193. Show me your dogs baring their teeth
  194. Show me yoour dog wearing bandana
  195. SHOW ME your GSD as puppies!!
  196. SHOW ME your GSD at two months!
  197. SHOW ME your GSD doing crazy stuff!
  198. SHOW ME your dog's crazy face
  199. Show me your furry friends in the snow!! :)
  200. Show me your dogs in a "stay"
  201. Show me your cats and dogs together
  202. Show me your pack!
  203. Our new boy, Murph
  204. Show me - your dog wearing a prong/neck tech collar :)
  205. Show Me Your Dog's Dinner
  206. Show me pictures of your KENNEL!
  207. Show me that "puppy plop"!
  208. Show me your eight month old hunks.
  209. Show me your young ladies at two years old!
  210. Show me your male at 20 months of age!
  211. Just lounging...
  212. Show me your GSD at 1 year and at 3!
  213. SHOW ME.Your GSD modelling
  214. Show me your american showline GSD's
  215. Show me those curious and investigating moments!
  216. SHOW ME Your Dogs at the Beach!
  217. Show me you BICOLOR Shepherd!!
  218. SHOW ME your dog dressed up :)
  219. Show me your six month olds.
  220. Show me your dogs dark mask!
  221. Show me your dogs curled up, fox style
  222. SHOW ME your long coated/plushies!
  223. Show Me those vicious raw fed dogs!
  224. Show me your Then and Now
  225. Show me your WORKING LINE GSDs
  226. SHOW ME your blanket backs
  227. Show me your before/after pics
  228. Show me your long coats growing up!
  229. Show me your Christmas tree!
  230. Show me your GSD at 4-5 months old!
  231. Show me your dogs that have outgrown their favorite napping spots!
  232. Profiles
  233. Show me your SABLE PUPPIES!
  234. Show me your 1 year olds
  235. Show Me Those EAR FLOOFIES!
  236. Show me, RIGHTN NOW!
  237. SHOW ME your dog from black and red and solid black parents!
  238. SHOW ME... Your 2012 Jack'O'Lanterns!
  239. Show me your dog(s) in autumn!
  240. Show me you Royalair pup/dog!!
  241. Show me your backyard!
  242. SHOW ME your dog in the air
  243. Show me your black and tan dogs/puppies.
  244. SHOW ME: Those GSD eyes!!
  245. Show me the weirdest place your dog picks to sleepů
  246. SHOW ME derp faces!
  247. SHOW ME... Tilted heads!
  248. SHOW ME... Your dog's toys!
  249. Show Me Your Bike!
  250. Show me your Huerta Hof dog!