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Preparing to Say Good Bye

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  1. Blessing to all German Shepherds
  2. When to make this decision- am I wrong in what I am thinking?
  3. Standing on the bridge....rainbows soon
  4. Is it time?
  5. Today is the day
  6. Nasal Tumor or Fungal Infection?
  7. One more night
  8. Letting go of a young dog
  9. Is it time?
  10. Prayers, please :(
  11. Dug the hole today...
  12. Soon time
  13. oh my god... Blizzak :(
  14. Saying Goodbye to Dear Tarra
  15. Unlucky 13 :(
  16. I think Pasta is getting ready to die
  17. Making the Decision :(
  18. My worst fears. The big H confirmed by emergency ultrasound today
  19. When?
  20. 1 or 2 months to live
  21. Ruger's bucket list
  22. Pain management...other issues
  23. The best dog who ever lived
  24. I just can't do it :-(
  25. Help with aging female GS..."Molly"
  26. How to Cope??
  27. No more rules for Shadow
  28. bad side effects from pain meds. Unworkable
  29. Letting go.
  30. This brought me to tears.
  31. Anal abcesses...Is it time?
  32. Figuring out the right time
  33. The way of a dog
  34. My heart is broken......
  35. goodbye with heavy heart
  36. Just two more days.
  37. Here is a poem, author unknown
  38. Mikey,s got cancer please pray for him
  39. Cant believe Im typing this
  40. Rocky is gone
  41. feeling better today
  42. losing my mind
  43. New morbid nuts and bolts question
  44. Ashes - have returned or not
  45. Appt. for tomorrow
  46. Please tell me I am doing the right thing...
  47. Hannah
  48. Did you creamate or bury?
  49. Thinking of PTS sooner than expected
  50. It's about time for Austin....:(
  51. Just lost my girl ...
  52. Just lost my boy to Hemangio this past Sunday
  53. Chrono's last night
  54. How do you know its time to let go ?
  55. When is it time.....
  56. To show a pet the body of a friend or not
  57. How can they?
  58. The official story of Sailor's life
  59. Will to live
  60. need advice please
  61. Mammary Cancer
  62. Is it time to let go? What would you do if it were your dog...
  63. Afraid for Heidi and me
  64. Lost My 14 yr old GSD On New Years Eve.. Now..
  65. Bailey,
  66. Dog loss vs. human loss
  67. Should I put my Shepherd down now or wait?
  68. Thank You all the great story's on when it's time to let go.
  69. So Very Sad, how do I get through this week.
  70. Gastric cancer
  71. 15 year old Border collie GSD mix
  72. Tomorrow
  73. SAYING GOOD BYE--Best Prayer for Our God's Creatures
  74. Family wants to euthanize 14 y/o
  75. When is it time to let my 13 year old beauty go?
  76. Tough choices
  77. Where do the strays, the ones without a caretaker go? Rainbow bridge?
  78. I think the time has come, but I'm having a terrible time...
  79. So much to take in...
  80. (Non-GSD) 15 YR OLD W/ CHF
  81. The look in the other one's eyes
  82. Life Without Odin...
  83. My dog is dying
  84. Sad and confused
  85. Family Dog Close To The End
  86. Not sure what steps to take ( if any)
  87. So Confused, DM, InflamBD, HIP Dysp, pneumonia
  88. My girl with DM, when to say its time?
  89. question about not eating at the end of life
  90. Feeling very bad
  91. Still finding it hard...
  92. Send Good Vibes To Saba
  93. very old kitty
  94. Waiting until he is miserable?
  95. I think it's time
  96. I don't think I can do it.
  97. Watching decline is a hard thing to do
  98. GSD with DM, how do I know when it's time?
  99. When do you know when it's time?
  100. Appointment set for Monday
  101. Has anyone saved their dog's paws?
  102. How would you tell someone they need to PTS their dog?
  103. My big handsome boy Neddy -goodbye my love
  104. Stuck Between a Hard Place and a Rock....
  105. My Heart/Mind is in Turmoil
  106. Saying goodbye tomorrow...
  107. Freeze drying your pet??
  108. Today Zeke will run free again.......
  109. Saying goodbye
  110. This Stinks!
  111. I feel like he's getting ready to leave us...
  112. Is it true that dogs like to be "on their own" when they pass?
  113. when its time
  114. Frieda
  115. Heartbroken...don't know if I can do this again
  116. Having a pretty tough time
  117. Goodbye Bruno
  118. Do you dream about your dogs at the rainbow bridge?
  119. Question about Grief.
  120. A Dog's Purpose: from a 6-year-old...
  121. What if YOU died...
  122. Tala, my love, my heart…
  123. Lex
  124. See you soon, sweet Foxy Bear
  125. Life without Bear
  126. Having a Terrible Time Trying to Make the Decision
  127. I need reassurance (non-GSD - actually cat related)
  128. Dogs Mourning
  129. Miss him so much :-(
  130. Helping the Critters Grieve
  131. Would you post your dog's obituary in the newspaper?
  132. DVD from Monks of New Skete to help deal with the loss of your dog.
  133. Euthanization
  134. The concept of the 'rainbow bridge'
  135. Cody will go over the bridge today
  136. Would you ever preserve your dog after their passing?
  137. Pricing for euthanizing
  138. We don't have long
  139. I'll Miss Him So Much
  140. newest facebook share, fallen gsd heroes
  141. How do you know when?
  142. My Spinner Girl
  143. Time is coming..
  144. First Casey and now Gypsy 2 months later
  145. Rush's Final Christmas
  146. Felony's last day
  147. "a living love" a must read for anyone
  148. urns
  149. Again with Felony
  150. Kaiser soon to the bridge
  151. There's NO WAY to Prepare
  152. It's King's time..
  153. Cremation
  154. I think it's Tessa's time
  155. bernard poodle
  156. Waiting too Long?
  157. Heart breaking & heart wrenching
  158. Felony,the pitbull...
  159. Homer Joe
  160. Crusher will be leaving us on Monday
  161. The price we have to pay!
  162. Convinced my hubby it was time to let him go.......
  163. putting him down
  164. Intuition in your dog?
  165. How to Prepare?
  166. Heartbroken
  167. How much $$ is too much??
  168. Another case of Hemangiosarcoma
  169. I called my vet today, the final appt is this evening
  170. Putting a friend to rest while having multiple dogs.
  171. 11 Year old with hip/elbow dysplasia?
  172. Dear Old Bitch
  173. What to Do With Toys and Balls Afterward?
  174. Unsure about senior cat
  175. Necropsies (autopsies for pets)
  176. It's almost that time... again.... *sigh*
  177. She's Dying Slowly, what can I Do?
  178. How do you prepare for a dogs death?
  179. The 2nd best thing
  180. Dylan
  181. I miss you girl!
  182. HELP! Enlarged spleen and tumor 9yr old GSD...
  183. Said good bye to my nephew last night..
  184. After Your Dog Passes On
  185. A little morbid but...I have a cremation question.
  186. My heart is breaking
  187. It never gets easier...Belle will have to go to The Bridge with Zeus soon...
  188. In-Home Euthanasia?
  189. Pinkie
  190. Waiting for pathology report after splenectomy
  191. When should we say goodbye?
  192. My dear friend.
  193. 'till we meet again, my best friend.
  194. Quality of life and the mobility issue
  195. Thoughts & prayers for Taz
  196. When to start looking for another dog?
  197. Do they understand?
  198. How do we know?
  199. How Do I know if its the right time??
  200. GSD with Hemangiosarcoma
  201. I cried and cried and cried
  202. my dog might have cancer :(
  203. Zeus - how do I say goodbye!
  204. TORN: feeling guilty sad and selfish
  205. We will miss you!
  206. Suddenly all those puppies are seniors!!
  207. just needed to get this out
  208. A strange dilema
  209. Long time since I posted
  210. Torn on what to do...
  211. Tough situation-Dog is suffering
  212. SG Kyra v Frolich Haus Sch3, IPO3, WH, KKL CD CGC
  213. hemangio.....
  214. Saying goodbye...
  215. Help!
  216. guilt
  217. Saying goodbye to an old friend..
  218. Think Its time to let Yukon go.
  219. 15 year old English Setter
  220. My Sweet Indie, advanced DM
  221. So sad, Officer saying goodby to K9 Partner
  222. :( THIS IS SAD
  223. This will make you cry so beware :(
  224. Duchess
  225. Comforting a neighbor
  226. To visit or not
  227. Ugh, at a loss
  228. The Pack Dynamics when you lose a friend....
  229. Hard enough saying good bye
  230. Hmm, this seems so trivial to me right now
  231. Multiple Dog Families
  232. Need thoughts and prayers
  233. "Abnormal" thinking when your dog is about to die
  234. When is it time to say Good Bye??
  235. Am I too morbid?
  236. Please keep my friend Gary in your prayers...
  237. For our friend Ruth and her ChamaBear....
  238. He is too isn't fair
  239. Emotional Rollercoaster: Jasmine
  240. My Jasmina
  241. Ford, your time here is too short (nonGSD)
  242. Boo Goes to the Rainbow Bridge Today
  243. My cat, Clarence
  244. bless your heart cinderfella
  245. 14 year old going soon...
  246. Condolence gifts?
  247. We had to put Lilly down.
  248. My heart dog, Scrappy (non GSD)
  249. Child and Grief
  250. Worried about Chama